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Give your child a gift card for empik.com

Open Konto 360° Junior account, meet the promotion requirements and get a 50 PLN gift card for empik.com before Christmas

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Legal note

Promotion is valid from November 16th till December 16th 2018. In order to receive a 50 PLN code for empik.com online store, the participants have to meet the following conditions during promotion period: open Konto 360° Junior account for their own underage child via Millenet electronic banking system, top up the newly opened account with at least 100 PLN, and–in case of opening Konto 360° Junior account for a child above 13 years of age–additionally make at least 1 transaction with debit card issued with the account or activate Bank Millennium mobile app, as well as meet remaining Promotion terms and conditions. Detailed terms and conditions of the Promotion are stipulated in "Konto 360° Junior na Gwiazdkę" Promotion Regulations. Konto 360° Junior may be opened in the Millenet electronic banking system only together with Konto Oszczędnościowe Profit. Konto 360° Junior alone may be opened in the nearest branch of Bank Millennium S.A. Konto 360° Junior is kept for persons aged under 18. Use of a debit card as well as electronic banking channels is available over the age of 13. Disposal by the account holder of funds accumulated on the account, also with use of the debit card and electronic banking channels, is possible upon turning 14. The legal guardian and the account holder after turning 14 may dispose of funds accumulated on the account within a monthly limit stipulated in the General Regulations on Provision of Banking Services to Individuals in Bank Millennium SA. A guardianship court should give consent for performance of actions going beyond the scope of ordinary administration. Waiver of card and ATM cash withdrawal fees if at least 1 payment with the debit card or by BLIK is made in a month. Local transfers in zloty sent via Millenet and the mobile app as an internal transfer order and an order for transfer to another domestic bank are free of charge. ATM cash withdrawal in foreign currency is converted to PLN, which involves an additional margin defined in the Price List for debit cards. Operators of ATMs abroad may charge fees independent of the Bank for cash withdrawals provided that they inform the Cardholder before making the transaction. This fee does not constitute revenue of Bank Millennium S.A. Price list the first internal transfer order from Konto Oszczędnościowe Profit shall be free of charge, and the second as well as all subsequent ones shall be charged PLN 7.50 Fees, interest rate as well as other details of the account offering are contained in Price Lists concerning fees and commissions, debit cards, interest rates as well as BLIK Mobile Payments and also in the General Regulations on Provision of Banking Services to Individuals in Bank Millennium S.A. the documents are available in the Bank’s branches and on the Page: https://www.bankmillennium.pl/individuals/support/price-lists-and-regulations.


You've got needs, we've got the answer

Make the most of our cash loan promotion - pay only 100 PLN for each 5 000 PLN borrowed (APR 7.68%)

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Loan cost and legal note

Representative example for Cash Loan with “PLN 100 instalment 2nd edition” promotion: Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 7.68%, total loan amount (net of loan-financed costs): PLN 15 000; total amount due: PLN 18 000; fixed interest rate 7.42%; total cost of the loan: PLN 3000 (including: fee: 0% (PLN 0); interest PLN 3000; additional services PLN 0 (including: fee for Konto 360° PLN 0 provided that externally-sourced monthly turnover is PLN 1000 minimum and at least 1 payment is made in a month with the debit card/by BLIK; otherwise the monthly fee for the payment account is PLN 8), 60 monthly equal instalments of PLN 300; first instalment due after 30 days from disbursement of the money. The calculation was made as of 5.11.2018 on a representative example.

The “PLN 100 instalment 2nd edition” promotion is valid from 17.11.2018 till 7.12.2018 and applies to uninsured cash loans granted for the period of 60 months with amount to be disbursed under the agreement PLN 5000 or PLN 10 000 or PLN 15 000 or PLN 20 000. The promotion is available to Customers who do not have a cash or consolidation loan in the Bank at the time of submitting the application. The promotion: may not be combined with other promotions concerning cash loans; it can be taken only once during its validity and it does not cover loans for repayment of other credit products. Detailed terms and conditions of the Promotion are contained in “PLN 100 instalment 2nd edition” Promotion Regulations available in Millennium branches and on www.bankmillennium.pl.

The Promotion is combined with “Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee”. The condition for taking the Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee is presentation by the Customer within 30 days from the day of concluding the Cash Loan agreement with Bank Millennium, loan agreement concluded with another bank or the European Information Form together with the credit decision for the same loan amount and tenor. The offering does not reflect instalment loans as well as cash loans with nominal annual percentage rate of 0%, credit cards, personal account overdrafts as well as collateralised loans. The Customer may take the Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee offering not more than once during its validity. Details concerning terms and conditions of Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee are contained in the Regulations on Cash Loan with “Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee” available in the Bank’s branches and on www.bankmillennium.pl.

Details concerning principles of granting loans are contained in the Regulations on Loans Granted to Individuals by Bank Millennium S.A. Fees, commissions and interest rate are charged in accordance with the Cash Loan Price List. The documents mentioned above are available in Millennium branches and on www.bankmillennium.pl. The Bank evaluates the Applicant’s credit capacity and worthiness on a case-by-case basis prior to granting the Loan; in justified cases it may refuse to grant it.


High-flying promotion

Only now 0 PLN for buying investment funds

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Legal note

The Promotion involves the waiver of handling fee in case of purchasing category A participation units in Millennium TFI investment funds and runs from 24.09.2018 till 30.11.2018.

All and any information contained in this COMMERCIAL PUBLICATION is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer, or a recommendation or an invitation addressed to anyone (or any group of persons whatsoever) to conclude a transaction involving the financial instruments presented herein. In particular the information contained in this publication does not constitute an offer in the meaning of the Civil Code of 23rd April 1964 nor is it a service of investment, financial, tax, legal or any other advice.

Any investment decision should be taken on the basis of information contained in Prospectuses and in Key Information for Investors (KII), not on the basis of the abbreviated description contained herein.

Financial transactions involve risk presented in “Description of Risk Involved with Financial Instruments and Products for Private Persons in Bank Millennium S.A.", available in branches and on the Bank’s website www.bankmillennium.pl.

Investing in funds involves risk of a loss as well as the obligation to pay handling fees and income tax. The Fund does not guarantee attainment of the investment goal or a specific investment result.


Konto 360° Junior account

Promotion till 16 December 2018

Cash Loan (RRSO 7,68%)

Promotion till 7 December 2018

Investment funds

Promotion till 30 November 2018

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