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For each 5000 PLN borrowed you pay only 100 PLN (APR 7,68%). Benefit from Cash Loan promotion

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Loan cost and legal note

Representative example for Cash Loan with „100 zł raty za każde 5000 zł pożyczki II edycja” promotion: Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 7.68%; total loan amount (net of debt-financed costs): PLN 15000; total amount due: PLN 18000.00; fixed interest rate 7.42%; total cost of the loan: PLN 3000.00; including: commission 0% (PLN 0); interest PLN 3000.00; additional services PLN 0, (including insurance PLN 0, PLN 0 - fee for Konto 360° account, in case of booking minimum PLN 1000 of externally sourced turnover on the account and at least 1 payment made with use of the debit card/BLIK per month; otherwise monthly account fee amounts to PLN 8); 60 monthly equal instalments of PLN 300, first installment paid after 30 days from disbursement. The calculation was made as of 31.08.2018 on a representative example.

Promotion „100 zł raty za każde 5000 zł pożyczki II edycja” is valid from September 1st till November 16th 2018 and applies to uninsured Cash Loans granted for a period of 60 months with total loan amount of PLN 5000, or PLN 10000, or 15000, or PLN 20000. The Promotion is available to Clients who during the day of filing an application were not a party to an agreement on cash loan in the Bank and will transfer net income to their current account in the Bank during whole repayment period. The Promotion can be had only once during its period. The Promotion does not apply to loans assigned for repayment of other credit products. The Promotion shall not be combined with other promotions concerning cash loans. Detailed terms and conditions of the Promotion are stipulated in „100 zł raty za każde 5000 zł pożyczki II” Promotion Regulations available in branches and in www.bankmillennium.pl.

Details concerning the principles of granting loans are contained in the Regulations on Loans Granted to Individuals by Bank Millennium S.A. Fees, commissions and interest are charged as per the Cash Loan Price List. detailed information about Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee see Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee Regulations/Regulamin oferty Gwarancja Najniższego Oprocentowania. Detailed principles of granting insurance cover under Bezpieczna Pożyczka insurance by Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Europa S.A. and Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie Europa S.A. are stipulated in Bezpieczna Pożyczka Insurance Terms and Conditions as well as in Product Sheet - Bezpieczna Pożyczka Insurance. The above-mentioned documents are available in the Bank’s branches and on www.bankmillennium.pl. Prior to granting the loan the Bank evaluates the Applicant’s credit capacity and creditworthiness on a case-by-case basis; in justified cases the Bank may refuse to grant the loan.


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Take MasterCard Voyager card in promotion without a monthly fee for a card for a year

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Legal note

Promotion lasts from 6 June 2018 till 30 September 2018 and relates to Millennium MasterCard Voyager debit card issued to Konto Walutowe in EUR. Cardholders, who entered into a card agreement within Promotion period and did not have any other Millennium MasterCard Voyager or Millennium Maestro Voyager card, can participate in the Promotion. The details of the promotion in the Regulations „Wakacje od opłat za kartę Millennium MasterCard Voyager” available in Millennium branches and www.bankmillennium.pl. website.

Monthly fee for card after Promotion, other fees and details are stipulated in the Price List – debit cards, General Regulations on Provision of Banking Services to Individuals in Bank Millennium SA, Debit cards issued to foreign currency current account terms and condition, Terms and Conditions of “Ochrona karty” (Card Protection) Insurance, Product Card – Card Protection, available in Millennium branches and on the www.bankmillennium.pl. website, as well as in TeleMillennium ph. 801 331 331.


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Check motor insurance online and see how much you can save for safe trips

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Legal note

For individual motor insurance products, the insurance coverage is provided by STU ERGO Hestia SA with headquarters in Sopot. For the detailed terms and conditions of insurance protection and complete list of exemptions and limitations of the insurer’s liability, see Motor Insurance Terms and Conditions for Bank Millennium Clients and Product Cards for motor insurance on the website www.bankmillennium.pl.

The insurance agreement is concluded by the Client with insurer through Bank Millennium SA (hereinafter referred to as the “Bank”), operating as an insurance agent. The Bank has been entered to the register of insurance agents kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, under number 11162860/A. The motor insurance is addressed to the Bank’s clients who hold current account or credit card together with active access to the Bank’s Millenet online banking or Mobile Application. The motor insurance offer is not available for vehicles used in business activity, leased vehicles or cars with driving wheel on the right hand side. AC comprehensive motor insurance, Assistance roadside insurance, NNW personal accident insurance and Ubezpieczenie Szyb car glass insurance cannot be purchased as a separate product and may be purchased only together with OC third party liability insurance.


Cash Loan

Promotion till 16 November 2018

MasterCard Voyager card

Promotion till 30 September 2018

Motor insurance

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