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What are investment funds?

Mutual funds are among the most popular ways to invest savings. They are established and managed by mutual fund companies or foreign investment companies, which have specialised staff and extensive experience on the capital market. Thanks to this they can professionally manage the entrusted money. The objective of mutual funds is to multiply the assets they are entrusted with as effectively as possible, maintaining a specified safety level.

Funds invest on money, capital, raw material, commodity, futures, FX and many other markets. Investment decisions are made by experienced specialists who continuously monitor markets to make changes to the fund's investment structure at the right time to increase its profits. However, in doing that, they have to strictly follow rules, which define, in which instruments and how much they can invest.

These principles are described in the information or issue prospectus, which is obligatorily published by every fund on the website of the TFI, which manages it. It is a good idea to read these documents before investing in a specific fund, to be fully aware of the risk related to the fund and the fund's potential to generate profit.

It must be remembered that investments in funds bear investment risk – their value may grow or fall, including the possibility of losing part of the invested money. Historical performance of funds is not a guarantee of attaining same results in the future.

Why is it worth to invest in the funds we offer?

Domestic funds available from us offer a full range of investment strategies: from conservative strategies to aggressive strategies, that invest in the most risky products but provide the highest yield potential (e.g. stock funds). These funds represent different asset classes and different risk levels. Such a variety of mutual funds provides an almost unlimited freedom to choose your investment strategy.

Private Banking offers investment funds managed by local market leaders:

  • Millennium TFI SA
  • Investors TFI SA
  • Goldman Sachs TFI SA
  • Esaliens TFI SA
  • Quercus TFI SA


Investment Fund is an entity having legal personality and operating on the basis of the Act of 27 May 2004 on investment funds, conducting, exclusively, operations involving investing cash collected publicly or not publicly in securities and other property rights provided for in the Act.

In return for payments into the fund investors receive participation units or investment certificates. Their number shows proportional share held by the investor in the investment fund assets. In specified time intervals the fund determines the value of participation units i.e. calculates „net value of fund's assets" assigned to a single participation unit. For this purpose, the fund determines the value of its investment portfolio and divides it by the number of participation units allocated to all participants. The value of participation unit and investment certificate may change on each valuation day.  

The following risks result from investing in investment funds:

  • Sector risk,
  • Credit risk,
  • Short-term price volatility risk,
  • FX risk,
  • Risk of not admitting issuer's securities to regulated market trading,
  • Liquidity risk,
  • Tax risk,
  • Legal risk,
  • Settlement risk,
  • Market risk,
  • Interest rate risk,
  • Risk of loss of capital,
  • Asset or market concentration risk,
  • Level of charges and fees,
  • Product complexity.

Risk description is provided in „Description of Risk Related to Financial Instruments and Products for Individuals in Bank Millennium S.A.," as available in the Bank's outlets and on the Bank Web site www. bankmillennium.pl.

Detailed information on risks and investment strategy can be found in investment fund prospectuses.

Legal disclaimers

Any information contained in this publication is for information only and does not constitute an offer, recommendation or any invitation sent to anyone (or any group of people) to conclude a transaction on financial instruments presented in it. In particular, information contained in this publication does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code Act dated 23 April 1964 and is not a service of investment, financial, tax, legal or any other advice.

The terms contained in this publication are for orientation. Any prices and/or specimen transactions are for illustration purposes only and do not constitute an offer of concluding a transaction on such terms or the indication that a transaction on these terms is feasible. Moreover, no calculations or results presented in this publication guarantee future profits. The actual terms of a transaction on financial instruments will be based on market terms established at the moment of its conclusion. Any available price quotations or analyses contained in this publication have been prepared on the basis of assumptions and parameters reflecting the assessment or choice made by the Bank. The Bank shall provide no guarantee of precision, completeness or reasonableness of such quotations or analyses. 
The recipient of the information in this publication shall exclusively bear the risk of its using in particular with respect to investment decisions on its basis.

Financial transactions are connected with risk detailed in the „Description of the Risk Connected with Financial Instruments or Products at Bank Millennium S.A.", available from the Bank's outlets and website www.bankmillennium.pl. Anyone who purchases a financial instrument shall accept and bear liability under tax obligations resulting from binding regulations. In view of the above risks and circumstances the Bank's clients should have sufficient knowledge and experience to assess the nature of each financial transaction entertained by them and them associated risk. If in any doubt, clients should use the services of a tax, legal or investment advisor. The Bank shall communicate any additional information which will be validly asked for by the Client to enable him the assessment of the risks and nature of the transaction.

The Client's conclusion of a transaction on financial instruments constitutes grounds for recognition that the Client has familiarised himself with the terms of the transaction and associated risks and accepted them

The dissemination and distribution of certain financial instruments and trading in them may be subject to certain limitations with respect to certain persons and states, in accordance with appropriate legislation. It is up to the client to demonstrate the legal capacity or rights to invest in a given financial instrument. Financial instruments can be offered and traded exclusively in compliance with the appropriate provisions of law.
The information in this publication shall be made available exclusively to its Recipient. The Recipient must not copy, reproduce nor communicate or make it available to third parties in any other way, in full or in part (except to his professional advisors) without the Bank's prior written consent.

Funds invested in the product are not covered by the deposit insurance scheme of the Bank Guarantee Fund.  

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

What is MiFID?

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Client classification

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Appropriateness assessment

We will check, which financial instruments and products and investment services are appropriate for you.

Risk description

Read about the nature of financial instruments and products and related risks.

Conflict of interests

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