New car, holidays in Maldives, pole expedition or a week in New York with a visit to Broadway? Each scenario can be for you for the asking. Can it wait a while? Start saving and each day be closer to your goal.

Define objective and time

To start with define your objective – this will give you greater incentive to save consistently. Then define final deadline – this way you will know the amount of your regular savings to help you achieve your objective.

Choose the right product

Defining amount to be saved and time in which you need to do it will help you choose the right product for you from a broad range of solutions offered by Bank Millennium.

Tailor-made products to meet your needs

Saving account Twój Cel

Convenient saving account with attractive interest rate. You have a free hand to define the objective you save for and track progress.

Investment and insurance products

Alternative to classic forms of saving incorporating various financial products for everyone to find tool to achieve his/her own objectives.

Structured products

Innovative, tailor-made products facilitating investments in selected markets while maintaining full or partial capital guarantee.

Investment funds

Unlimited investment opportunities in form of an offer of funds diversified for potential earnings, risk level and time horizon.

Savings products

Wide range of standard term deposits with attractive interest rates in PLN and foreign currencies.

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