Painting, literature, collecting works of arts or other items, flying balloons, diving or simple gardening are just examples of different activities becoming essence of life for many.

You have to pay for your pleasures

Passion is not only happiness and satisfaction – it is usually linked with costs to cover. Buying a 1934 vintage French wine, windsurfing board or paraglide can cost a lot...


There are two possible scenarios available to finance such purchases. The first involves regular and consistent saving. However, if you do not want to wait, follow the other path – loan or credit card. Are there things you wouldn't do to enjoy your passions? Or maybe you have necessary funds invested in other instruments and you do not want to exit your investment before maturity in order not to suffer a loss?

Tailor-made products to meet your needs

Cash Loan

Ideal way to obtain funding to finance your on-going needs with expected regular inflows and pre-defined repayment schedule.

Credit card

Provides financial freedom and many practical privileges. When using the card to pay, you can use interest-free credit for up to 51 days.

Saving account Twój Cel

Convenient saving account with attractive interest rate. You have a free hand to define the objective you save for and track progress.

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