You have been supporting your child since childhood. You have raised his/her passions and developed hobbies. List of additional activities your child can take advantage of is practically unlimited. Sports, music school, language classes and many other. It is worthwhile to educate your child in finance – you can open a special account for your child and teach how to manage finances. It will pay off in the future!

University studies

Choice of studies is a moment deciding about the child's future. Besides appropriate field of studies it is also important to choose university location and rank. Studies at Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard? It can be done. There are several solutions to choose.

Financial solutions

More far-sighted parents can set up a special fund for a child when their child is born. In some years, regular payments will ensure comfortable start into adult life. Besides saving for your child's future, you can also take advantage of long-term insurance and investment as well as structured products. There is also an option to take a loan.

Tailor-made products to meet your needs

Cash Loan

Ideal way to obtain funding to finance your on-going needs with expected regular inflows and pre-defined repayment schedule.

Saving account Twój Cel

Convenient saving account with attractive interest rate. You have a free hand to define the objective you save for and track progress.

Investment and insurance products

Alternative to classic forms of saving incorporating various financial products for everyone to find tool to achieve his/her own objectives.

Structured products

Innovative, tailor-made products facilitating investments in selected markets while maintaining full or partial capital guarantee.

Investment funds

Unlimited investment opportunities in form of an offer of funds diversified for potential earnings, risk level and time horizon.

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