Online shopping - it's easy!

There are more choices, no lines and secure payments

Add products to virtual cart
and pay easily for your online shopping

Pay by card - on the store's website enter:

  1. card number
  2. name of the owner (not always neccesary)
  3. expire date
  4. codes from the back

For security reasons, in most of the stores you will also have to enter SMS Password or confirm the purchase in the mobile app (if you use it).

Pay by link - all transaction details are already there:

  1. choose Bank Millennium on the store's website
  2. log in to your account
  3. check all the data provided and confirm the payment with SMS Password or in the mobile app

Pay with BLIK code - this is an option for the app users:

  1. copy the BLIK code from the app and enter it on the store's website
  2. confirm the payment by PIN in the app

Find out more about BLIK

Online shopping is quick and secure

  • you choose how to make payment
  • all payment methods are secured and only you have all the data to make the transaction and authorize it
  • money are instantly transferred to the merchant and you get the payment confirmation
  • you don't need to give cash to the courier