Ordering transfers has never been so simple

Take advantage of convenient options and fast access to the transfer form

Transfering money
has become faster and easier

User-friendly navigation and easy access

The transfer option is available on homepage both in Millenet as well as in the mobile app. You can change the type of transfer (e.g. from domestic to ZUS transfer) directly in the form whenever you like.

We have solved the long forms problem

Thanks to the dynamic form some of the fields are automatically filled in, depending on the account number or the recipient of the transfer. This easy solution makes every transfer go smoothly.

Simple transfer order thanks to the Last recipients feature

Very often we make trasfers to the same recipients many times. Thanks to the Last, Saved and BLIK recipients features you can easily enter the recipient's data and send the transfer faster.

Most of the data will be entered for you

After selecting the recipient, you can use the option Show last transactions. If you select one of the operations, its details will be automatically entered into the transfer form, and you can change, for example, the amount.

Check when we will process your transfer

We book incoming transfers on working days at hours:
Outgoing transfers are sent on working days at hours:
  • In Millenet and the mobile app

    Log in to your bank account in Millenet and make transfer on your computer.
    > LOGIN
    Or download our mobile app and send money in a few seconds.

  • Via TeleMillennium

    You can also order transfers through TeleMillennium helpline available 24/7
    801 331 331

  • In a branch

    Find the nearest Bank Millennium branch and order a transfer in person.

Frequently asked questions

  • SEPA brings a lot of advantages for users thanks to extended convenience, clarity and speed of cross-border payments. Thanks to SEPA Bank Milllennium customers can order cross-border payments using unified standards of European Union.

    The goal of SEPA is clarity, increased security and efficiency of all cross-border payment as well as unifying standards of domestic and cross-border payments.

  • Single Euro Payments Area covers all countries which are part of European Union and also Island, Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland.

  • To send SEPA transfer in Millenet you have to fill in a foreign transfer form.

    Link to the form is available in side menu after selecting Transfers > Foreign (for individual Clients) or Payments > Foreign (for Firms). The form looks similar to other types of transfers forms.

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