Luckily, you have BLIK

Register in BLIKOMANIA and get prizes: 4 x 100 000 PLN and 135 x 100 PLN daily


Win in BLIK lottery. Register on and use BLIK payments in Bank Millennium mobile app.
Pay with BLIK in stationary and online stores, deposit and withdraw cash from an ATM, make transfers to mobile. To win:

  • main prizes 4 x 100 000 PLN
  • daily 135 x 100 PLN

When registering, fill in the form correctly and provide the information in accordance with your data at Bank and make a verification payment in the amount of 1 PLN to the Children's University Foundation. The payment will be included in the lottery. The lottery lasts until 28.11.2021. Details can be found in the regulations and on the website

Legal note

The Lottery drawings cover BLIK transactions that fulfil the conditions defined in the Rules and Regulations of the promotional lottery under the name „Blikomania” and fulfilled in the period from 02.08.2021 to 28.11.2021. To take part in the lottery, you should send, between 02.08.2021 to 28.11.2021, your entry for the lottery using the e-registration form available at to the organiser which is Polski Standard Płatności sp. z o.o., give your consents indicated in the Rules and Regulations of the promotional lottery under the name „Blikomania” and make at least one BLIK transaction. The lottery lasts from 02.08.2021 to 17.01.2022. This period takes into account the complaint procedure. The above Rules and Regulations are available at

Reaches your account in a flash and completely for free

Send BLIK transfers to mobile

  • you do not need to know the account number you want to send money to, you only need recipient's phone number – enter it yourself or choose from the contact list of your phone
  • BLIK icon next to the phone number on the contact list in the app will show whether your friend can receive BLIK transfer to mobile
  • money will reach recipient immediately, also on weekends and holidays
  • you do not spend a thing because transfer is free of charge

Receive BLIK transfers to mobile

  • Register your phone number in the mobile app. In order to do so:
  • log in to the Bank mobile app
  • on the main screen choose BLIK code > BLIK settings > Transfer to mobile settings or from the menu choose Settings > Payment settings > Transfer to mobile settings
  • select default account for BLIK transfers to mobile
  • Now you can conveniently send and immediately receive BLIK transfers to mobile 24/7, even at weekends and holidays.

Transfer can be made to a beneficiary who has an account in banks offering BLIK transfer to mobile service, therefore:
Bank Millennium, Alior Bank, ING, mBank, PKO Bank Polski, Getin Bank, Credit Agricole, Noble Bank, Bank Pekao, Bank Ochrony Środowiska.

Transfer step by step

  1. 1
    Transfer step by step -

    Log in into mobile app and choose BLIK transfers to mobile

    Next choose accounts, from which you will make transfer.

  2. 2
    Transfer step by step -

    Fill in the beneficiary name and phone number of the recipient, as well as the amount and and transfer description

    BLIK icon next to the phone number will show if that person can get BLIK transfer to mobile. Click Next and afterwards Confirm.

  3. 3
    Transfer step by step -

    Transfer will be sent and will reach the recipient immediately

    If the recipient's phone number is not registered, sending transfer will not be possible.