Sustainable investing is a natural step

Check investment plan which promotes environmental, social and governance aspects

Legal noteInvesting

Millennium Investment Plan offers many benefits

  • You choose from among 3 ready-made Plans managed by Millennium TFI experts

  • You don't pay to open, deposit or run the plan

  • You can start investing from 200 PLN and you do not need to specify the length of the investment period

Plan details and fees

Check three ready-made Plans


low profit potential
low risk


moderate profit potential
reasonable risk


high profit potential
high risk

Investing which is socially responsible

Stain Plan, Balanced Plan and Active Plan are based on ESG sustainability criteria. It means that you'll find in their portfolio companies which focus on growth in this spirit.

If you invest in this investment funds, you support:

  • environmental aspects
  • social aspects
  • corporate governance issues
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How to start investing

You can conveniently open Millennium Investment Programme in Millenet and the mobile app or in a branch.

  1. 1
    How to start investing -

    To set up a plan online, from the menu in the app, select Offer > Investments > Investment plans

  2. 2
    How to start investing -

    Check the details of the Plans to choose the best one for you.

  3. 3
    How to start investing -

    If you do not have a completed and up-to-date investment survey, we will ask you to complete it, and if you do not have a signed framework agreement, then also conclude it – everything will take you just a few minutes.

  4. 3
    How to start investing -

    Specify your plan details and make your first deposit. To invest regularly, you can create a standing order.

  5. 4
    How to start investing -

    Done! Opening the plan has just been ordered. The order will be processed within 7 days, then after logging in to your account you will see a tile with a new product.


Details and fees

Plan fees
Handling fees on withdrawals
For opening 0 PLN
Withdrawal up to 12 months 1%
For maintenance 0 PLN
Withdrawal after 12 months 0%
For next payments 0 PLN
Plan fees
For opening 0 PLN
For maintenance 0 PLN
For next payments 0 PLN
Handling fees on withdrawals
Withdrawal up to 12 months 1%
Withdrawal after 12 months 0%
  • Plan investment time

    You don't have to declare anything today. You have full flexibility. It is up to you when you want to withdraw funds. You always have access to your funds, regardless of when you decide to withdraw them.

    The investment period is the period from the date of execution of the order to purchase individual sub-fund participation units under the plan to the date of execution of the order to buy back these units.

Worth knowing

  • Withdrawal of invested funds from the Plan

    You always have access to your funds. In first 12 months after execution of your investment each withdrawal from the plan will be charged a handling fee.

  • Change of plan in the course of investment

    You can change your plan to a different one at any time. Conversion is completely free. Remember that if you open a new register, the period in which fees are charged for withdrawals will be counted from the beginning.

  • Investment increase

    You always have the opportunity to make subsequent payment into your investment plan.

  • Establishing multiple plans

    You can open numerous plans and divide your funds into selected plan.

Just starting to invest?

Complete the MiFID questionnaire

The questionnaire consists of several questions. Answers to these questions will allow you to find out what type of investor you are. And they will allow us to present you with products that meet your needs, expectations and investment experience, and are suitable for you.

Questions and answers

  • You will get access to the offer of investment products at Bank Millennium after completing the investment questionnaire (appropriateness assessment) and signing the Framework Agreement for the provision of financial services. Thanks to the answers provided in the survey, we get to know your knowledge and previous investment experience, and we are able to assess whether the selected investment product is adequate for you and in line with your needs, characteristics and goals. If you want to get access to investment products in the mobile app and in Millenet, you will also need to sign a service access agreement via electronic banking channels.

    You can fill in the questionnaire and sign the contract conveniently in Millenet, Bank Millennium mobile app or any Bank branch.

  • If you already have an access to the investment product offer in Bank Millennium, you can select a Plan which meets your expectations as to the level of potential profit and level of potential risk. Thereafter, declare the amount and your funds will be invested in a package of mutual funds in accordance with the policy of your chosen plan.

  • You can open the plan in Millenet, mobile app or any Bank Millennium branch. Minimum amount of first and each subsequent payment is 200 PLN.

  • Millennium Investment Plan consists of three ready to purchase investment plans (Staid, Balanced and Active) which differ from each other in risk and reward profiles. Each of them offer funds diversification, i.e. simultaneous investment in many global investment funds selected by experts from Millennium TFI. Thanks to this, you limit the risk of investment, spreading it on various investment strategies, and you benefit from the potential of global markets at the same time.

    You decide which plan meets your investment expectations. You can find more information about the investment strategy of each investment plan in the Fund Fact Sheet and in KIID.

  • Regular payment into Plan are not required. Subsequent payment can be made at any time. The minimum amount of each subsequent payment is 200 PLN.

    What is important, the long-term regular investments of even small amounts gives an opportunity to accumulate significant capital in the future. Furthermore, if you make payments in different periods, you average the price of participation units. It can have an influence on limitation of risk of purchasing all participation units at the least favorable price.

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