See your savings from a different perspective

Check your knowledge and experience in a short investment questionnaire

What is a MiFID questionnaire?

It consists of questions that will allow you to find out what type of investor you are. Also, your answers will help us to present you investment products that meet your needs, expectations and investment experience and are suitable for you.

The form of the questionnaire is regulated by the EU MiFID directive.

  • The directive introduces a questionnaire, the completion of which will allow you to find out about the products in line with your characteristics, goals and needs.
  • Completing it is free of charge and does not oblige you to purchase investment products.
  • After completing the questionnaire, you can sign a framework agreement. Thanks to it, you can be sure that we will include relevant information with the investment products that will help you make your own purchasing decisions.

Why is it worth to complete the questionnaire?

  • You gain a secure choice

    It is a protection from taking risk much higher than you are able to.

  • You get the customized offer

    Knowing your expectations of potential profit and risk, we are able to present you products suitable for your goals and needs.

  • You are not committing to anything

    Filling in the questionnaire is free of charge and does not oblige you to purchase of investment products. However, without it, we cannot present you an investment offer.

What will you find in the questionnaire?

  1.  Questions about your experience in investing
     We will ask about your activity in the area of investments so far and about products you may have already known.
  2.  Questions about your investment goals and attitude towards risk
     We will ask how you want to invest and what level of risk you are able to accept.
  3.  Questions about your investment knowledge
     We will confirm if you feel at ease when it comes to investment concepts and vocabulary.
  4.  Offer for you
     We will show you products suitable for your knowledge and experience. We will propose a framework agreement that will allow you to purchase investment products, but the conclusion itself does not oblige to anything.

Why is it worth to start investing?

  • You don't need a great amount of money

    100 PLN is enough to start investing.

  • You can take lower risk

    You can start with products with a low level of investment risk.

  • You invest how you want

    You can choose single products or benefit form ready-made combined products.

  • You can combine investments

    You can choose products with a different level of risk - such diversification may minimize possible losses.