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Structured deposit

About structured deposits

Structured deposits are products, which combine features of a term deposit (100% protection of capital applies during to the entire duration of the product) and investments on financial markets (a chance to have gains higher than standard interest rate on deposits). They exploit the opportunities on many markets and they're an excellent tool for portfolio diversification:

  • 100% of capital protection for the entire duration of the structured deposit
  • indirect access to the local and foreign FX, shares, commodities or goods markets
  • interest rate depends on value of underlying instrument identified in Structured Deposit T&C, which may be i.a. currency, commodities, shares, market indices

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Technologiczny Gigant I
Subscription period
07.05.2024 – 04.06.2024
Interest rate during subscription
1.50% per annum
Investment tenor
05.06.2024 – 03.06.2026
Possible interest rate during the investment
6.0% - 29.99% on the entire investment
Guaranteed interest rate during investment period
6.00% on the entire investment
Minimum amount
10 000 PLN
Type of underlying instrument
NVIDIA Corporation shares

How to open

Online application

If you are not our Client, open Millennium 360° account online.

If you are our Client, open deposit in Millenet.

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Just starting to invest?

Complete the MiFID questionnaire

The questionnaire consists of several questions. Answers to these questions will allow you to find out what type of investor you are. And they will allow us to present you with products that meet your needs, expectations and investment experience, and are suitable for you.


  • The subscription period is in other words the time, during which you can subscribe for a particular structured deposit. During this period the Bank collects declarations from all interested Clients in order to allow them to start the investment on the same day and with same terms and conditions. This is important because interest on a structured deposit is calculated in accordance with rules strictly defined in the Structured Deposit Terms & Conditions. If you decide to subscribe for a particular edition of a structured deposit, your money will be temporarily put on a dedicated bank deposit and will earn interest until the end of the subscription period.

  • The invested money is safe and at the end of the investment you will get at least the invested amount. Structured deposits offered by Bank Millennium guarantee full protection of principal, assuming the deposit is kept for the recommended period. In case of termination of a structured deposit account agreement during the investment period, the Bank will charge a handling fee. The amount of this fee depends on the date of your premature termination of the structured deposit and the closer the end of the investment is, the lower the fee will be. Detailed information about the fee is available in Structured Deposit Terms & Conditions in the “Structured Deposit Premature Termination Handling Fees” part.

  • The yield on a structured deposit is determined on the basis of evolution of price of the underlying asset (indicator) in specific time brackets. The underlying asset can be e.g. FX rate, share price, market index. The way we calculate the yield as well as the name of the indicator are stipulated in the Structured Deposit Terms & Conditions.

  • Yes, money invested in a structured deposit, like in case of a standard bank deposit is protected by the Bank Guarantee Fund guarantee scheme in keeping with the Act on the Bank Guarantee Fund, Deposit Guarantee Scheme and Resolution of 10 June 2016. According to this Act the amount of money together with other amounts receivables from the Bank, which is protected by the guarantee scheme in zloty does not jointly exceed the equivalent of EUR 100 000. Money in excess of the above value is not protected by BFG.

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