Przyszłość + Investment Programme

Discover a customizable product that enables you to invest regularly even the smallest amounts

About the Investment Programme

Przyszłość + Investment Programme is an innovative financial solution for all people who want to secure the best possible future for themselves and their family. The program allows:

  • regular saving of funds
  • investing the accumulated money on global capital markets
  • monitoring and self-management of investments by Millenet

Do you want to invest your savings?

  • Create a programme customized to your needs

    Choose a minimum 2 out of 6 Millennium SOIF subfunds, each with a different investment strategy. You can freely change, add or remove subfund whenever you need.

  • Plenty of benefits for 0 PLN

    Open the programme without set-up fee, and with 0 PLN for programme maintenance and 0 PLN for purchase of category B participation units in Millennium SOIF subfunds.

  • Define your objective

    Everybody has their own plans for the future. You can also open the programme to the benefit of your child. It’s a perfect way to give them a better start in life.

  • Gain financial flexibility

    Investing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lay out a lot of money. You can open the programme with as little as 100 PLN, with the minimum sum of yearly deposits of 1200 PLN. You can also customize the investment term: from 5 to 18 years.

  • Access the invested money whenever you want

    If the needs arises, you can withdraw a part or all of the money without the need to close the programme (details in the Fees section).

  • Investing made easy

    You don’t have to remember about payments - for your comfort we have enabled to set up a standing order for making programme deposits.

How to open

In our branches

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Funds offer

Choose a minimum 2 out of 6 Millennium SOIF subfunds.
If you don’t know which subfund to choose, read the fund card taking special notice of gain potential and investment risk level.

Investing in funds involves the risk of loss as well as the obligation to pay handling fees and income tax. The fund does not guarantee attainment of the investment target or a specific investment result. The net value of assets of the funds is highly volatile due to the composition of the investment portfolio. Securities constituting more than 35% of assets of Millennium Funds (except Millennium SFIO) may be issued, guaranteed or underwritten by the State Treasury, NBP, US Government, European Central Bank or European Investment Bank.

The indicated rates of return of funds are based on historical data and do not constitute a guarantee of attaining similar results in the future. An individual net rate of return of a fund participant depends on the date of sale and repurchase of participation units as well as administrative fees and income tax paid.

Prior to making this investment one should carefully read information about the funds, including financial data and description of risk factors, which are contained in the prospectuses and Key Information for Investors (KII), available together with the funds’ schedule of fees in branches of Bank Millennium, in the offices of Millennium TFI SA and on the website link opens in a new window.

Money invested in the product is not protected by Banking Guarantee Fund link opens in a new window.

Source: Analizy Online S.A. and Transfer Agents cooperating with the Bank.


Fees charged for redemptions

During first 5 years from start date
After 5 years from start date
First redemption from the programme constituting no more than 10% of accumulated assets
First redemption from the programme constituting more than 10% of accumulated assets
Every next redemption, irrespective of value


  • You can set up Przyszłość + Investment Programme from as low as PLN 100 and have full flexibility in making payments to it. You can add money to the programme with the frequency of your preference. Remember however that your programme will be closed if during every 12 consecutive months (counted from the day of making the first purchase transaction) you do not pay to it a minimum of PLN 1200.

  • Yes, you always have permanent access to your money. However its withdrawal may involve a handling fee (for details see Fees section). Additionally, if necessary, you can withdraw part of the money at any time, without the need to close your programme. However remember to make sure that after the withdrawal the value of your programme is no less than PLN 1000. Otherwise it will be closed and the invested money will be moved to standard registers, which are not eligible for the terms of Przyszłość + Investment Programme.

  • In order to set up Przyszłość + Investment Programme you need to select at least 2 out of 6 subfunds in Millennium SFIO fund. Each of the available subfunds differs in terms of investment policy; therefore in order to make the right choice please read the fund sheet and KIID, where you will find the most important information about the selected subfund. For documents and details go to Funds Offer section.

  • You can adjust duration of the programme to your personal preference. You can choose a period from 5 to 18 years.

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