Get the wind in your sails

You can buy Millennium TFI A-category investment funds online without a handling fee. The promotion lasts until 31.01.2025

Why choose funds in Millennium TFI

Investments are one of the most complex aspects of the financial market. They require versatile knowledge, experience, time and good decision-making skills. Investment funds make investing a whole lot simpler.

A team of Millennium TFI experts carefully selects financial instruments from all over the world, in which they decide to invest. Each decision is backed by experience, numerous calculations and financial models. Millennium TFI funds are consistently winning awards and helping thousands of Poles in making their savings grow.

Find out how convenient and innovative it can be to use investment funds in Bank Millennium.

Do you want to invest your savings?

  • PLN 100 is enough for a start

    Thanks to the A share class and low initial investment it is easy to start and then to see if the investment funds meet your expectations.

  • You can choose an award-winning subfund

    OIF Stable Growth Subfund was seen to be the best fund in its category and received the prestigious Alfa 2021 award from Analizy Online website.

  • Your savings work for you

    Thanks to extensive investment opportunities investment funds are characterised by diversified yield and risk levels, offering the opportunity to grow funds more effectively than a deposit or savings account.

  • You have a choice

    The selection of unit categories involves various handling fees. If you plan to invest for less than 2 years, you can choose category A, where the fee is charged on the funds deposited, and until 31.01.2025 in Millenet or the Mobile Application this flap is abolished. If category B is selected, the fee is charged when withdrawing funds, and after 2 years from the start of the investment, the fee is PLN 0.

  • Only in Millenet or Mobile Application PLN 0 for the purchase of funds

    By investing online until 31/01/2025, you can purchase category A participation units of Millennium TFI funds without a handling fee. In Millenet, you can buy and sell funds at any time and keep track of your results.

  • Follow your own strategy

    You have a wide range of investment funds. Depending on your needs, you can choose subfunds that will match your expectations.

How to start investing?

You can now buy investment funds conveniently online. We have created a friendly and simple process, thanks to which you will learn the basics of investing, will choose products and will buy them in the comfort of your home.

  1. 1

    Log in to Millenet or mobile app
    sign the necessary documents and activate online access

  2. 2

    Compare and buy investment
    funds online

  3. 3

    Review and manage
    your investments completely online – in the comfort of your home

  1. 1

    Let’s meet
    Go to a chosen Bank Millennium branch where you will get essential information and sign the agreement

  2. 2

    Log in to Millenet or mobile app
    Monitor and buy investment funds and monitor your investment online

Funds offer

In Millennium TFI subfunds you may choose between two types of participation units, which differ in how the handling fee is charged and what the minimum amount to be deposited is.

  • Category A participation units If by 31.01.2025 you choose this category of Participation Units in Millenet or Mobile Application, the handling fee will not be charged on the funds paid into the fund.
  • Category B participation units If you choose this type of participation unit the handling fee may be charged upon withdrawal of the invested money. It is worth remembering that after 2 years this fee is PLN 0.

Just starting to invest?

Complete the MiFID questionnaire

The questionnaire consists of several questions. Answers to these questions will allow you to find out what type of investor you are. And they will allow us to present you with products that meet your needs, expectations and investment experience, and are suitable for you.


  • A mutual fund is a way to invest collectively. The fund invests money pooled from many different participants. A mutual fund is a legal person, the sole business of which is to invest money in securities, money market instruments and other property rights specified in the Act on Mutual Funds. Money from the Clients is managed by investment advisers licensed by Polish Financial Supervision Authority and employed by the mutual fund company. The job of the advisers is to invest money paid into the fund so as to generate the highest yield possible for the participants, at the same time limiting the level of investment risk.

  • To choose a mutual fund, which meets your expectations, you must answer some questions, i.e. for how long you want to invest your money, what your approach is to investment value fluctuation from time to time and what rate of return on the investment you expect to get. It is also important what your current investment knowledge and experience is. Bank Millennium offers a broad selection of mutual funds, which differ from each other in risk profile and yield potential, investment policy as well as recommended investment period. You can compare the funds in a simple and intuitive way by using the table above.

  • You will get access to the investment products offering in Bank Millennium after filling-out the investment questionnaire (target group and adequacy assessment test) and signing the Framework Agreement on Provision of Financial Services. Thanks to the questionnaire replies we will understand your knowledge and to-date investment experience and will be able to decide whether the selected investment product is in line with your needs, features and targets. You can fill-out the questionnaire and sign the agreement at your convenience in Millenet, mobile app or in any Millennium branch.

  • You can change your current fund for another one at any time. After you have ordered the change, your money will be transferred to the Millennium TFI sub-fund you have selected, without the need to place a separate repurchase and purchase order.

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