About the insurance

WORLD insurance is free of charge and is dedicated to holders of Euro26 cards. The insurance is valid in all countries worldwide, except the US and Canada. Insurance cover is provided for cost of medical treatment and assistance, accidental injury and private third party liability.

Cost of medical treatment and immediate assistance

Medical services and hospital treatment abroad are very expensive procedures. Thanks to WORLD insurance if you are suddenly taken ill or sustain accidental injury, the Insurer will pay i.a. for cost of transport to Poland, cost of treatment, including outpatient, hospital and dental treatment in case of sudden inflammatory conditions as well as costs involved with organising and providing assistance.

The limit of the Insurer's liability for cost of treatment and assistance is EUR 60 000.

Bodily injury

If in result of an accident you suffer injury, which results in health impairment, disability, death during international travel or in Poland, the Insurer will pay a benefit. You are also covered in case of a hospital stay and additionally if necessary you can get reimbursement for cost of purchase or repair of prostheses and accessories.

The insurance also covers accidents arising in result of pursuing pleasure sports, except skiing, snowboarding, surfing and kitesurfing as well as all and any teambuilding activities (e.g. paintball).

Accidental injury insurance will provide EUR 5,000 for a permanent health impairment and EUR 2,500 in the event of death. The insurer shall pay indemnity for disability/health impairment in an amount ascertained on the basis of Disability/Health Impairment Tables, which are stipulated in Terms and Conditions of the Insurance.

In case of a hospital stay in Poland, resulting from accidental injury, the Insurer shall pay a hospital benefit in the amount of PLN 80 up to 7 days' stay and PLN 160 over 7 days. The reimbursement for cost of purchase or repair of prostheses and accessories shall be made on the basis of original copies of the bills up to the amount of PLN 2,500.

Private TPL

The insurer also provides cover for private third party liability for personal (health disorder, bodily damage or causing death) or property losses (damage or destruction of property) inflicted to third parties when travelling abroad or in Poland.

The limit of the Insurer's liability for private TPL is EUR 20,000 whereas the Insured Person is liable for excess of EUR 250.

WORLD insurance cover is provided by AXA Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń i Reasekuracji S.A. and starts from the day indicated in the Euro 26 card application, not earlier than from the next day after the day of issuing the card. The Insurer's liability ends upon expiry of validity of the Euro26 card.

By signing the Millennium Visa Euro26 card agreement the Account Holder agrees to take out WORLD insurance underwritten by AXA Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń i Reasekuracji S.A. for the period of validity of this agreement.

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