About the insurance

"Bezpieczna Karta" is an insurance package added for your security automatically to each payment card. The package includes the following:

  • Unauthorised card use insurance

    If you lose your card or your card is stolen in Poland or abroad, then thanks to the insurance – should your card's account be debited by an unauthorised person within 72 hours before your card cancellation, you have a guaranteed coverage of loss up to 150 EUR. Account debits above 150 EUR made before card cancellation are covered by the Bank (by the virtue of the Act on Payment services"), which also assumes the entire liability for the transactions performed after your card cancellation. Furthermore, you will get a refund of the costs related to issuance of payment cards and documents as well as purchase of a new wallet up to 300 PLN.

  • ATM cash withdrawal insurance against robbery

    Thanks to the insurance, if the cash withdrawn from an ATM is stolen, within 12 hours, in Poland or abroad, the Insurer covers the loss of the cash up to 1000 PLN. Furthermore, you will get a refund of the costs related to issuance of payment cards and documents as well as purchase of a new wallet up to 300 PLN.

  • Purchase insurance

    If you pay for the product you selected with your card in Poland or abroad, it will be covered by insurance against theft/loss or damage until the 30th day from the day of purchase up to 1000 PLN.

  • Lowest price guarantee insurance

    The product for which you will pay with your card in Poland will be covered by insurance that will guarantee its lowest price. If in the period of 30 days from the purchase you find a printed announcement (in the press, shop advertisement or a catalogue) advertising an identical product at a lower price, the Insurer will cover the difference up to 500 PLN.

  • Baggage loss and damage insurance

    The Insurer shall be liable up to 1000 PLN for loss and damage of the baggage if it has been correctly registered and entrusted to a professional carrier in Poland and abroad with whom you travel, and your ticket for the insured travel has been paid fully with the card.

  • Baggage delay insurance

    If your baggage is delayed, then the Insurer will cover the expenses you incur to purchase your personal necessities (clothes, personal care products etc.) up to 300 PLN.

  • Flight delay insurance

    Thanks to the insurance, the expenses you incur to buy meals, drinks, hotel accommodation, costs of transport to and from the airport in case of flight delay by at least 4 hours in relation to the planned departure time up to 800 PLN, shall be covered by the Insurer if:

    • the flight you booked is delayed or cancelled,
    • you cannot go on-board due to the shortage of places although you have your valid ticket,
    • you are too late to change your planes due to the delay of your flight.

The insurance package is provided by PZU SA and starts upon your card activation. The insurance is free of charge from the moment when your card is issued until the end of full calendar month, following the month in which the card was issued. In the next months the fee of 2,99 PLN is collected by the Bank from your current account.

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