Secure and convenient solutions

We design Millenet and the mobile app so that they are not only very comfortable to use, but also very safe

Logging into Millenet

When logging in we ask you to enter some details that only you know

dane do logowania

During the first login you set P@ssword 1 yourself, so we need to be sure this is really you. Also, in the next logins, we carefully check your identity - when you enter MilleCode and P@ssword 1, and then when you enter selected characters from the PESEL number or ID (this is an additional security to protect your personal details).

Additionally, you can set a security image that will be displayed when you enter your MilleCode. Thanks to this, you know that you are logging on the Bank's website, and not a confusingly similar website created by scammers. To set a security image, in Millenet go to the menu under your name, select General settings> Limits and security> Security picture settings.

Find out what phishing is

How to unlock
a login password?

If you don't remember your password or it was locked, you can securely set a new one, without contacting the Bank.

blocked password message
  • 1. You can unlock your password on the Bank's website
    Go to login page and choose "Login problem", then select the help topic from the list.
  • 2. Confirm your identity and set Temporary P@ssword
    We will confirm your identity by asking some questions, then we will ask you to set a 4-digit Temporary P@ssword. Confirm it with SMS P@ssword or Mobile Authorization.
  • 3. Set a new P@ssword 1
    When logging into your account, enter your MilleCode and Temporary P@ssword. Then we will ask you to set a new 8-digit P@ssword 1. Confirm it with SMS P@ssword or Mobile Authorization.

If you enter incorrect data when unlocking the password, we will block access to prevent a possible hacking attempt on your account - to unlock your account, you will need to contact the helpline or visit in a branch, where we will confirm your identity.

blocked password message

The mobile app activation and login

Using the banking app is very convenient, but we also make sure it is safe.


Before you can log into your account, you must activate the application. It may seem a bit complicated, but it is needed to make sure that you are activating the account access on your phone. The application is assigned to the phone, so the activation process must be repeated every time you change the device to a new one.

Check how to activate your app

Login with a PIN

Later, you log in only with a 4-digit PIN, which you set yourself during activation. Remember not to share it with anyone. Even if someone steals your phone without knowing your login details, it won't get into your account.

Fingerprint login and face ID

Additionally, you can log in to the mobile app with your fingerprint or use the Face ID option, if only your smartphone supports these solutions. You do not have to use a PIN then and only you can get in to the app, so it is not only a very convenient, but also a very secure way to log in.


    • Internet connection by phone is encrypted
    • after a long period of inactivity, you will be automatically logged out of the application
    • transfers and payments ordered in the application require confirmation with passwords known only to you

Deactivation of the application on the lost phone

If you lose your phone or it is stolen, call our helpline and ask for blocking the app.

Are you a victim of fraud or want to report suspicious situation?

  1. Write to us

    Fill in the form
  2. or call security helpline