Do you frequently have to convince your clients why it is worthwhile to co-operate with your company? We will provide you with new arguments.

Proper terms of payment

Your company sells high quality products at good prices. Yet there are also other aspects that influence competitiveness of your offer. Often proper terms of payment are needed to close sales. Our advisors will develop proposals that will provide you with additional arguments and increase your chances to conclude an agreement.

Credibility in trading relations

Growing sales also means participation in tenders. We will propose solutions that will enable your company not only to submit tenders without freezing your own funds, but will also confirm your credibility.


Increasing competitiveness is on the agenda of every company. Reaching competitiveness requires investments, including investing in machinery or fleet. And this requires funds. Additional capital will also be needed to designate larger funds to purchase raw materials, goods or increase production to lower price per unit. 

Right products to meet your needs


Safety of transactions and secured financial liquidity.

Current account overdraft facility

Adjust incomes on your account to have money to cover various payments connected with the day-to-day operation of your business.

Multiproduct line

Use many forms of financing even in several currencies under one agreement.

Bank guarantee

Strengthen your payment capacity towards your counterparty presenting security from a reputable bank.


Leasing on a partnership basis.

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