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Support for your sales

Non-recourse factoring

  • improve the liquidity and financial security of the company
  • don't worry about the lack of payment from the contractor - we will take over the risk of non-payment or transfer it to the insurer

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Recourse factoring

  • convert your invoices into cash
  • we will monitor payments from your contractors and contact the debtors
  • we will increase the payment discipline of your contractors

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Financing of receivables subject with non-assignment clause

  • improve financial liquidity and reduce the risk of business activity
  • receive financing up to 100% of the value of receivables with non-assignment clause
  • easily report additional contractors

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Local government factoring

  • get financing without testing your creditworthiness, if you provide products or services to Local Government Units (JST)
  • we will finance 100% of the value of receivables from local government units
  • we will take over the risk of delay in repayment

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Receivables management

Recipient financing programme

Receivables management - payment collection

  • we will professionally handle your settlements
  • we will improve the payment discipline of your contractors
  • we will monitor the flow of receivables without a minimum amount
  • we will provide you with transparent information about the status of your billing

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Recipient financing programme

Recipient financing programme

  • we will help you increase your turnover
  • together, we will create a financing programme for your customers for the products or services you provide
  • we will convert your invoices into cash - you choose the dates and amounts yourself
  • we will give your recipients the opportunity to extend the payment terms at their expense, on more favorable terms and without a creditworthiness test

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Financing your purchases

Reverse factoring

  • we will finance your purchases
  • we will settle your obligations earlier
  • get better trading conditions with your suppliers
  • postpone payment for deliveries for up to 180 days

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Supplier financing programme

  • get longer payment terms
  • provide your suppliers with financing on terms negotiated by you, without any security requirements or creditworthiness verification
  • improve the loyalty of your suppliers
  • increase your credibility as a payer

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Supporting tools

WEB Faktor - factoring application

  • safely and conveniently register the invoices to be financed
  • save time thanks to the collective file with the list of invoices
  • use a transparent reporting module that will allow you to effectively manage the factoring agreement and comprehensively assess settlements with contractors
  • gain access to factoring settlements via the website available 24/7, without installing additional software

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Millenet Link

  • we will help you automate data exchange with your financial and accounting system
  • reduce costs, time and risk of operational errors
  • perform factoring settlements directly from your financial and accounting system

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