About the product

In Bank Millennium the lease services are provided by Millennium Leasing Sp. z o.o. - Bank Millennium's subsidiary. Millennium Leasing has been operating on the market since 1991 and is one of the oldest major lease companies in Poland. Lease services are offered in the Millennium Leasing network composed of 55 outlets and through bank advisors at Bank Millennium outlets throughout Poland.

For more information about the Millennium Leasing's offers visit:
www.millennium-leasing.pl or call our infoline at 0 801 681 188.

Customer benefits:

  • financial security,
  • high service quality,
  • tax savings, (lease instalments are tax-deductible expenses, which allow to obtain tax savings much faster than the cost of interest and depreciation incurred in case of a loan),
  • availability and ease of acquiring fixed assets,
  • fast and simple contract procedures,
  • client's low down payment,
  • financing business operations without involvement of sizable equity,
  • all banking and leasing settlements in one place thanks to eBOK Millennium Leasing service in Millenet for Companies,
  • simplified forms of collateral in relation to other forms of financing, for instance bank credit,
  • flexibility in setting up lease fees for the lease contract, for instance adjustment to Client's seasonal revenue pattern,
  • attractive insurance conditions of for all the objects of lease throughout the contractual term, including car insurance (collision coverage, TPL, accident insurance, burglary and Green Card) on the grounds of general agreements with PZU S.A., ERGO HESTIA S.A. and ALLIANZ S.A., as well as possibility to get Assistance 24h package + Legal Protection,
  • discounts and other bonuses from suppliers,
  • possible co-financing from the EU Structural Fund for the investments financed with lease from Millennium Leasing.

Additional informations

General lease conditions:
  • Operational and financial leasing.
  • Operational leasing NISKA RATA.
  • Up-front fee - as low as from 10% of object's value linked to type of object and financial standing of the User.
  • Fixed or floating interest rate option.
  • Lease maturity adjusted to the object of lease.
  • Payment of insurance and tax on means of transport in monthly instalments.

Commercial law companies, State Treasury companies and individuals conducting economic operations in different economic and service sectors.

Objects of lease:

Movables, among others also:

  • means of railway transport/trucks, commercial vehicles, passenger cars, special vehicles, tractors, semi trailers and trailers, buses,
  • railway stock and aircraft,
  • construction and road building machines,
  • production and service machines and equipment /machine tools - milling machines, lathes, grinding machines, production and technological lines, printing machines, plastic processing machines, packing and sorting machines, food stuff machinery and equipment, including bakery and confectionery, wood processing machines,
  • fork lifts,
  • medical equipment, including dental equipment,
  • diagnostic and cleaning equipment,
  • hydraulic presses,
  • IT equipment,

Real estate - among others, office, commercial, warehousing and logistic centres, public utility, infrastructure and industrial properties.

For more information about the Millennium Leasing's offers visit:
www.millennium-leasing.pl or call our infoline at 0 801 681 188

The eBOK Millennium Leasing service, i.e. electronic Millennium Leasing Customer Service, is provided via the Millenet for Companies internet banking system. Check eBOK Millennium Leasing service.