You want to explore new markets? You are looking for CAPEX funding to boost output capacity or gain access to new technologies? Or maybe you just want to replace the computers in your company?

Minor expenses

You look at your office with criticism ― it does not look impressive. And yet Customers and suppliers do visit you. They judge you by your office ― "Fine feathers make fine birds". A redo would be welcome! How about replacing the computer hardware and software? Customers send you files which cannot open because the old system version is incompatible… Right, but you have no money to spend now? With our help this will be one problem solved.

Major capital expenditure

When you are through changing, you are through. Sure, it is good to finance development with your own money, but how to quickly accumulate enough to open a new sale outlet, to buy specialised machines or expand the manufacturing plant? The competition never sleeps so do not let them overtake you. There are many options available. Among them you will certainly find the one which best meets the nature of your business.

Credibility enhancement

Do you often bid in tenders? You want to start working with new partners, but they are hesitating because they do not know yet if they can trust you? In such cases it is a good idea to have the Bank confirm your credibility.

Products proposed for your need

Cash Loan

It will help you increase working capital. The repayment schedule will put you in control of your finances and will permit long-term expenses to be well planned.

Investment Loan

If you are planning to redo, expand or upgrade your business, then this is the perfect solution. With simple projects no business plan is required.

Business Development Mortgage

This solution will let you raise more money for business development if you use real estate to collateralise the loan.


A good way to develop the business, if you want to use fixed assets (cars, trucks, equipment) without committing own capital heavily.

Payment terminals

Acquire new customers and improve service in your business using payment terminals.


This is a way to confirm your credibility in the eyes of your partners. Guarantees are sometimes required to sign a contract or to bid in a tender.

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