0 PLN for foreign currency business account for 2 years

Open account in promotion for new Clients

Legal note

Foreign currency account for 0 PLN for 2 years

Transfer your company's finances to us! Open Konto Mój Biznes account or Konto Biznes account in promotion and gain for 2 years:

  • 0 PLN for maintaining a foreign currency account in GBP, EUR, CHF, USD
  • 0 PLN annual fee for Millennium Visa Business credit card
  • 0 PLN for maintaining Konto Mój Biznes account or 9 PLN for maintaining Konto Biznes account

Promotion "Zyskaj z kontem dla Biznesu - edycja trzecia" runs from 1.04.2022 until further notice. The Bank will inform on its website about its completion at least 7 days in advance. Details in the regulationslink opens in a new window.

4 currencies and wide range of benefits

FX Biznes Account is kept in GBP, EUR, CHF, USD.

It's an ideal solution for exporters, importers and entrepreneurs cooperating with foreign contractors. You can make payments in a foreign currency conveniently avoiding currency conversion costs, and accept payments from foreign partners.

  • 0 PLN for opening the account
  • 0 PLN for online transfers to other Millennium accounts
  • 0 PLN for a package of 20 transfers a month: domestic in PLN, to EEA zone in EUR and SEPA in EUR for customers with Konto Mój Biznes account ordered via Millenet or mobile application
  • 0 PLN for defining bill payments
  • 0 PLN for defining a standing order

Plenty of possibilities

Benefit form additional services linked with FX account

  • closed deposits

  • car collection withdrawals and deposits

  • night safe deposits

  • AIPP automatic identification of incoming payments

How to use

  • Millenet

    It is an intuitive online banking system with an automatic identification of incoming payments, easy transaction searching and a number of other useful functions.

  • Mobile application

    You can conveniently manage your company finances using a mobile device, wherever you are. You can quickly check the transaction history and make a transfer.

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How to open

  1. 1
    How to open -
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    How to open -

    Open online foreign currency account choosing Offer / New foreign account

  1. 1
    How to open -

    Visit any Bank's branch.

    Find a branch Find a branch

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    How to open -

    Sign Konto Mój Biznes account or Konto Biznes account agreement. Open conveniently FX Biznes Account.

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    How to open -

    During your visit in our branch we'll activate your account and show you how to bank online and use our mobile app