Leasing is a form of financing capital expenditure, where the leased asset is purchased by the leasing company (Millennium Leasing) and then given to the customer for use. In exchange for the possibility to use the asset the customer will make agreed monthly payments to the leasing company.

There are two types of leasing:

  • operational – the leased asset is kept in the books of the leasing company, which makes depreciation write-offs; the monthly lease payments are tax deductible for the customer, who also has the possibility to purchase the asset upon end of the leasing agreement;
  • financial – the leased asset is kept in the books of the customer, who makes depreciation write-offs. The financial part of the monthly leasing payments is tax deductible for the customer, while ownership of the asset gets transferred to the customer after the end of the leasing agreement.

Advantages of leasing

Advantages of leasing:

  • affects liquidity – monthly leasing payments can be flexibly adjusted,
  • significant tax advantages – monthly leasing payments and the downpayment are tax-deductible (operational leasing),
  • interest and fees are tax-deductible (financial leasing),
  • cost of acquiring capital is lower than if own funds are used,
  • financing VAT – you do not have to have cash; pay the tax together with monthly leasing payments (operational leasing),
  • a choice of fixed (the monthly payments remain the same during the whole validity of the agreement) or variable interest rate based on the WIBOR rate,
  • road tax is paid in instalments,
  • attractive insurance cover,
  • minimal formalities (we take care i.a. of vehicle registration and its insurance),
  • choice of the leasing periods,
  • amount of downpayment adjusted to your needs.

Leasing is the perfect solution for you if you have a manufacturing, trade or service business and want to finance fixed assets in your company. Millennium Leasing will finance the purchase i.a. of vehicles, machines and equipment, which you will use during a defined period. Leasing will facilitate access to new technologies and will allow the business to expand and output capacity to increase.

You can also get leasing of real estate and commercial space, thanks to which you will change rented space for own space, moreover your leasing payments will be similar to the rent you are now paying.

Special offer

Leasing of vehicles with automotive rebate card

Millennium Leasing offers attractive terms and conditions of leasing cars and vans under the simplified MilleAuto procedure, which ensures fast acceptance of a leasing application, low downpayment and comprehensive vehicle insurance offer.

Take the MilleAuto offer and reduce daily running costs. This attractive financing of vehicles now comes with the opportunity to get attractive rebates for a number of automotive products and services. The rebates are available from more than 400 partners all over Poland.

Detailed information about the product, service and rebate offer as well as a list of partners who accept the card is available on the card operator's website: www.mobicard.pl.

More information: http://www.millennium-leasing.pl/przyspiesz-po-atrakcyjny-leasing


Personal online leasing

Personal online leasing provides the opportunity to personally configure the vehicle financing offer with use of the website, without the need to identify a specific leased asset and the possibility of reserving it for 60 days together with the credit decision.

The decision in principle guarantees that you will get unchanged terms and conditions as well as unchanged cost of financing. Configure the vehicle financing offer and book it online for 60 days.

Just the name and address are needed to identify the company and the person representing it when submitting the application.

Advantages of personal online leasing:

  • possibility to personally configure the offer online without leaving the office or home,
  • the offer can be booked for 60 days together with the credit decision,
  • no need to identify a specific leased asset when applying for a decision in principle,
  • 60 days to choose the vehicle,
  • transparency – the decision in principle guarantees that you will get unchanged terms and conditions as well as unchanged cost of financing,
  • a bonus of up to 40% of the value of the financed vehicle for regular payments,
  • extended insurance cover, from accidental injury to PLN 200,000 sum insured, for a low monthly premium,
  • if you insure the vehicle without the help of Millennium Leasing, we will not charge you for consent for you to insure it yourself, for policy administration or processing of the application.

More information: www.osobisty-leasing.pl

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