OurPeople23’: Save the Planet

The sports and volunteer campaign of employees of the Bank Millennium Group, which is guided by one goal: protecting the Planet.

Our People’23: Save the Planet

Our People’23: Save the Planet

About program

Our People’23: Save the Planet is a campaign that combines sporting and charitable goals. The initiative supports our health and the natural environment. In the joint action, employee-athletes and employeevolunteers limit themselves to one goal: protecting the Planet and the environment.

Over 1500 employees of the Bank Millennium Group took part in the sports part of the campaign. Thanks to the involvement in sports activities, we managed to reach the goal of 250 000 PLN. This amount is intended for the implementation of the eco-initiative by our wonderful volunteer employees. In the case of projects, there is no shortage of diversity, as well as the involvement of not only the project team, but also the exclusion of the community. Together, we pass on eco-values, because caring for our wonderful Planet is our mission that has guided us since the begining of the project.

Our People'23: Save the Planet - we act for the planet