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The four facets of Saving Centre

Bank Millennium has started a new campaign to advertise the Saving Centre as well as products offered in it. Four TV commercials will appear during the campaign.

In our commercials we show that there are many ways to put money aside effectively. In Saving Centre everyone will find an offer tailored to their needs and lifestyle. There is a choice of traditional deposits, savings account or products available through Internet and mobile banking – says Beata Krupińska, Director of the Marketing Communication Department in Bank Millennium.

During the campaign four TV commercials will be aired – a 30-second one and three of 15 seconds each. The longer commercial is an invitation to visit Saving Centre and to see its offer. This spot will be shown on 27 September. The shorter commercials focus on specific solutions proposed by the Bank: Konto Oszczędnościowe with promotional interest rate of 3.5% per annum for new money (up to PLN 50,000 during 3 months), Internet Term Deposit Auctions as well as Happy Hours, when online customers have an opportunity every week to set up an attractively priced term deposit. The characters in the commercials choose the saving method, which is most convenient for them, showing that putting money aside can be done in an easy and convenient way, at the same time delivering results quickly. This is yet another advertising campaign of Bank Millennium, which rides on the "Traditional Banking in a Modern Way" motto.
The advertising effort will also involve an online campaign as well as BTL activity in Millennium branches. 

The campaign was created by Change Integrated, while media buying was handled by Initiative media house.