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Currency package in Bank Millennium - how not to miscalculate when on vacations

Without opening additional currency accounts and without having to travel with cash exchanged in the exchange office – before the holidays, Bank Millennium offers Clients a convenient and safe option of advantageous currency conversion of foreign transactions. The currency package is part of the new Millennium 360° - free account, combined with a wide range of personalized services in the super-mobile application.

New process of opening an account with a selfie in Bank Millennium

Bank Millennium simplifies the method of opening online accounts using "selfies". A new identity verification process has been embedded in the mobile app. In the future, the bank will also use the electronic layer of ID cards and accept other identity documents. The project was carried out in cooperation with Onfido, a world leader in the field of identity verification and authentication, simplifying identity for everyone.

Minimum valuable product, or how to effectively develop a product

Software development is a long-term process, but when you work on a project, it is worth remembering to set short-term goals too. Bartosz Bednarek from Bank Millennium talked about the proper role of a software developer and how to understand the concept of a minimum valuable product during the Warsaw edition of Code Europe.

Another bank in the Bank Millennium’s income confirmation service using logging in to other banks

Bank Millennium is adding yet another bank to the income confirmation service in the cash loan process with use of logging in to other banks, in its open banking approach. So far, income could be confirmed from accounts kept with Alior Bank, ING, mBank, PKO BP, PEKAO, BNP Paribas, Inteligo and Santander, now, also Getin Bank.

Bank Millennium on the podium in the #Customer Relationships category of the Banking Stars competition

During the European Financial Congress in Sopot, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna in cooperation with PwC for the eighth time awarded prizes in the Banking Stars competition.

Bank Millennium's Impresja card design ranks second in the Złoty Bankier 2022 ranking

The design of the Bank Millennium card appreciated in the Złoty Bankier 2022 ranking - the Impresja card took second place in the Internet users' vote for the most interesting image of payment cards.

Refunds for purchases are becoming increasingly popular

Poles interested in new ways of saving when shopping online. 65% of customers declare their willingness to get the Refunds for purchases service when applying for an account at Bank Millennium. The bank has made special offers available together with the new Millennium 360° account. The record refunds accrued in May amounted to as much as 1 540 PLN.

Consumers appreciated the quality of Bank Millennium's service

Once again, Bank Millennium was among the winners of the Service Quality Stars – a prestigious award granted to companies offering the highest quality services. The ceremonial gala of awarding the Service Quality Stars statuettes took place at the Warsaw headquarters of the Business Centre Club.

Another Golden CSR Leaf awarded to Bank Millennium

Bank Millennium's long-term activities for sustainable development and making them an integral part of the Group's business strategy have once again been appreciated with the CSR Leaf of the Polityka weekly. The "Golden CSR Leaf" award was presented to Magdalena Trzynadlowska, Director of the Sustainability Office of Bank Millennium by Jerzy Baczyński, Editor-in-Chief of the Polityka weekly.

Already more than 200,000 Bank Millennium customers use BLIK contactless payments

Bank Millennium was the first on the market to start providing BLIK contactless payments in July last year. Within a few months, the new solution gradually gained the popularity of customers and now the bank can boast of almost 216,000 users of this form of payment. They have already completed almost 4.3 million transactions worth over 166 mln PLN.

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