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In Bank Millennium you will open an account using a selfie

Bank Millennium has introduced the opportunity to open a personal account remotely with client’s identity confirmation using Personal ID and face photos.

Bank Millennium wins multiple Institution of the Year 2020 title

In this year’s edition of the Institution of the Year ranking, organised by Moje Bankowanie, where financial institutions are recognised for an exceptional, complex and detailed approach to quality of customer service, Bank Millennium was awarded in no less than five categories. The list of best outlets in Poland includes 19 branches of Bank Millennium. This year also the tiles of Personality of the Year were awarded. One of them honoured Halina Karpińska, Director of the Electronic Banking Department in Bank Millennium.

Payment for Warsaw car parking available in Bank Millennium’s mobile app

Thanks to the agreement signed by moBiLET with ZDM Warszawa, clients of Bank Millennium can now pay for car parking in Warsaw in the mobile app. Using the mobile app service car drivers pay for actual time of parking their car.

Bank from home - Radek Kotarski in a new commercial of Bank Millennium

In the new commercial of Bank Millennium Radek Kotarski encourages to bank securely from home. In line with the concept #zostanwdomu (stay at home), Radek made the commercial himself, without leaving home.

Contacless payments up to 100 PLN without PIN in Bank Millennium

Bank Millennium is participating actively in banking sector initiatives, which are aimed at supporting people and the economy in Poland during the coronavirus pandemic. We have completed work on raising the maximum amount of contactless payments, which do not require PIN authorisation, to 100 PLN.

Bank Millennium launched Garmin Pay payments

Customers of Bank Millennium can now use Garmin Pay. It is a safe, convenient and contactless way to pay with use of a Garmin sports watch with NFC technology. Garmin Pay can be used offline and wherever contactless payments are supported.

Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of Bank Millennium

On 20 March 2020 the Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of Bank Millennium took place.

Bank Millennium allows suspension of loan repayment for 3 months

Due to the deteriorating epidemiological state caused by the coronavirus, Bank Millennium offers clients in difficult situations the possibility to suspend repayment of loan installments for three months, what can be done without leaving home. The suspension offer applies to cash loans and mortgages for retail customers.

Bank Millennium - the fastest reporting financial company

Bank Millennium has been the first financial sector company to publish on-line its 2019 financial and corporate social responsibility report. Thus, analysts, investors and all those interested in the company’s operations have not only quick but also convenient access to the key information.

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