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I le@rn how to bank safely

Bank Millennium is launching a new educational campaign on cybersecurity. "I le@rn how to bank safely" campaign is a series of quizzes, videos and information in branches to draw client attention to the challenges of online safety.

Poles succumb to the fever of Black Friday sales

During the sale on the occasion of Black Friday, Poles reach deeper into their pockets. Bank Millennium's analysis indicates that during this largest shopping feast, both the number of transactions and the amounts we spend in e-shops are growing.

Goodie users have already saved over 34 million PLN

The goodie platform from Bank Millennium is a tool that helps save on purchases. Through it, users have already completed 12 million transactions in the amount of over 1.5 billion PLN and thus saved over 34 million PLN. Now they can save even more, thanks to the new Superoffer function, which allows up to 30% refund on the value of transactions from popular online stores.

Motorway e-ticket at Bank Millennium

Bank Millennium is expanding the capabilities of its mobile application. As part of the Autostrady service, it provided customers with the opportunity to purchase motorway tickets on sections of the A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Wrocław-Sośnica motorways.

Goodie newsletters – how to spend less with Bank Millennium

The current economic situation and the associated increasing inflation mean that consumers are constantly experiencing rising prices. More expensive daily shopping motivates to an even more reasonable approach to spending money and the search for attractive discounts and promotional offers. Bank Millennium's goodie shopping platform, which continues to gain popularity, in a convenient and accessible form in one place provides users with a collection of leaflets with offers of leading stores from the Polish market.

Cash loan for sole traders available online at Bank Millennium

Customers of Bank Millennium, running a sole proprietorship, can get a cash loan completely online, on the Millenet website and mobile application. This possibility applies to people who have received an offer from the bank, prepared on the basis of the history of cooperation between the company and the bank, and will meet the conditions of this offer. Funds can be disbursed even within a few minutes after signing the online contract.

Support for companies within the framework of cooperation between Bank Millennium and the EIB Group

Small and medium-sized enterprises can already benefit at Bank Millennium from the support resulting from the bank's cooperation with the EIB Group. The Bank has expanded its offer addressed to Polish entrepreneurs, responding to their liquidity and investment needs. In addition, thanks to the involvement of the European Guarantee Fund, entrepreneurs receive favourable financing conditions.

Bank Millennium sponsors Portuguese evening with live Fado music

On Friday, November 4, Lloyd's factory in Bydgoszcz will host a special Portuguese evening with live Fado music, during which renowned artists from Lisbon will perform. This unique music and traditional cuisine are to bring the participants closer to the culture of Portugal. Bank Millennium is the naming rights sponsor of the event.

Bank Millennium is the best digital bank in Newsweek’s Friendly Bank ranking

In this year’s edition of Newsweek’s Friendly Bank ranking Bank Millennium came 1st in the category “Remote Banking” and second in the main category “Bank for Mr. Kowalski”. Bank Millennium proved to be unrivalled in remote banking, winning in all five subcategories, which, as the organisers comment, is a rarity in the history of the ranking. The bank excelled over others both in the quality of remote service and in mobile banking.

Bank Millennium – improvement in cost efficiency, solid increase in sales of cash loans, unprecedent negative net result for Q3 caused by the cost of credit holidays

Consolidated results of the Bank Millennium Capital Group after 3 quarters of 2022.
In Q3 2022 consolidated net result of the Bank Millennium Group amounted to -1,001 mln PLN (-1,264 mln PLN after 3 quarters). The entire loss in Q3 resulted from incorporation, in advance, of costs of credit holidays imposed upon Polish banks in July of the current year. Without the holidays, despite high costs connected with FX mortgage loans and several significant extraordinary items, the Group would book a net profit of 152 mln PLN (743 mln PLN after 3 quarters). This was, at the same time, the second consecutive quarter in which core business results balanced out, with surplus, costs connected with FX mortgage loans.

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