Cash Back

Withdraw cash when you pay with debit card for your purchases at a store or services at points of sales.

Cash Back is a free service which allows you to withdraw cash when paying with a debit card for a purchase or a service:

  • up to 500 PLN at one time with Maestro/ MasterCard card payment,
  • up to 300 PLN at one time with Visa card payment.

Cash Back service is a:

  • convenient form of cash withdrawal on the occasion of purchasing,
  • time saver - no need to look for an ATM,
  • service completely free of charge.

Just tell the seller of your intention to withdraw the required amount of money!
The service is available for Millennium debit cards

Easy Payments Programme

What is the Easy Payments Programme?

The Easy Payments Credit Programme permits repayment of spending done with the credit card in equal instalments with an attractive interest rate.

It is very easy to take part in the Programme and is done without any undue formalities - one phone call will suffice! You personally decide which transactions or what amount of used credit limit to spread into instalments and how long you want to repay them!

How does the Easy Payments Programme work?


  • e.g. on June 16th you buy a TV set for PLN 1 000 with Your credit card,
  • after receiving the billing statement at the beginning of July you call Prestige Line and order repayment of this amount in 12 instalments,
  • each instalment, given an interest rate of 7.2%, will be PLN 86,62*,
  • you will pay the first instalment together with the card monthly payment for August - i.e. by September 20th,
  • every month enclosed with your billing statement you will find information about the instalment and number of instalments outstanding.

* Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for repayment of debt in Wygodne Raty credit programme is 15.50%, total loan amount (net of debt-financed costs): PLN 1800, total amount due: PLN 1963,19, variable interest rate 12.5%, total cost of the loan: PLN 163,19 (including: fee for splitting transaction repayment into instalments 1% of debt value - PLN 18,00, interest PLN 145,19), 12 equal monthly instalments of PLN 163,60. The calculation was made as of 09.02.2022 on a representative example.

Some important information:

  • you can repay in instalments any non-cash transactions made above PLN 50 or a given amount of used credit limit. Minimum amount of Easy payments programme is PLN 300,
  • you can spread into instalments the transactions or used credit limit, which are not yet payable according to the billing statement (the instructions should be filed not later than 3 days before due and payable date),
  • you have a choice of 6,9,12 or 24 instalments,
  • the maximum value of transactions or used credit limit spread into instalments cannot exceed the total limit on your card,
  • you can always repay the credit earlier, at no extra cost.

How to join the programme?

  • make sure that you have active access to Electronic Banking Channels,
  • call Prestige Line (801 12 7000) and tell the Consultant, which transactions you want to repay in instalments,
  • our Consultant will inform you about all important details: instalment amount and interest rate, and then will execute your instructions.

Chargeback service

Chargeback is a service provided by payment organisations (VISA and Mastercard), enabling holders of Bank Millennium’s payment cards to recover funds in a challenged transaction, which was not executed or was executed incorrectly and the money could not be recovered from the service provider directly.

A client who wants to resort to Chargeback should report a specific transaction, applying to the Bank for a reversal of funds in chargeback procedure. The Bank will send a request for chargeback in accordance with regulations of payment organisations, to the particular service provider’s payment processor.

  • In case of what transactions can a chargeback request be submitted

    If the regulations of a particular payment organisation do make a particular transaction eligible for chargeback, an enquiry regarding a transaction specified in the a/m request will be sent to the service provider’s payments processor for clarification.

    Examples of situation, which a Client can complain about:

    • cash withdrawal from an ATM other than Bank Millennium was not made or was made in part,
    • the service or goods were not delivered by the seller or service provider other than Bank Millennium or were not as agreed with such entity,
    • the transaction was billed more than once,
    • a previously cancelled transaction was billed.

    Transactions may be challenged regardless of whether the card involved is a company card or a private one. The complaint should be submitted by the cardholder whose name is printed on the card.

  • What should a Client do, to initiate chargeback procedure?

    All it takes is to file a request for reversal of funds: in a Millennium branch, in TeleMillennium or via Millenet.

    The request should contain:

    • data of the cardholder as well as the card number,
    • data of the challenged transaction i.e.: date, amount and information on where the transaction was made,
    • in case of a service, which was to have been performed at a later date, but for reasons not attributable to the Client it will not be possible to perform it, the date and type of planned service should be stated,
    • description of the problem,
    • Client’s declaration about an attempt to contact/having contacted the service provider (mainly when: the service or goods were not delivered, the service or goods were not as described, the transaction was rejected in the terminal, the Client paid with other means for the goods).

    During processing of a claim the Client may be sked to provide additional documents related to the transaction. Depending on the type of transaction, chargeback may be initiated up to 120 days from the challenged transaction.

  • What happens after requesting a reversal of funds in chargeback procedure?

    A Client initiating chargeback only needs to submit a request with any documents confirming his request and is not involved in the further process related to performance of reversal of the transaction amount. The Bank will use chargeback procedure to send the case for consideration to the particular Service Provider’s payments processor. The payments processor has a specified time to accept or reject the claim. If the claim is rejected it should provide information/documents confirming that the debit was correct. If the payments processor fails to reject the chargeback request within a specified period of time, the Bank shall deem the request relevant.

    Chargeback procedure is carried out in keeping with deadlines stipulated in the regulations of international card organisations. The Bank shall provide information about the result of chargeback procedure having received the final position of the service provider’s payments processor.

    The Client shall be informed about the decision regarding his chargeback request, in the form he defined when submitting the request, i.e. by e-mail, letter, via Millenet or texted..

    If a claim is submitted regarding services provided by the Bank, the Bank shall be bound by deadlines and principles stipulated in the Act of 19 August 2011 on payment services, insofar as these services are concerned, and in the Act of 5 August 2015 on processing of claims by entities of the financial market and on the Financial Ombudsman, in case of other services.

    If a chargeback request is submitted, the deadlines and principles stipulated in internal regulations of card organisations shall apply.

Pakiet Bezpieczeństwa

The Pakiet Bezpieczeństwa service was developed to ensure security of transactions and other activities involved with using the card.

The service comprises: a pack of Text Alerts about transactions done with the card and the Ochrona karty insurance suite.

The text alerts are sent to the cardholder after every card transaction, which was authorised by the Bank. Text alerts are sent to a defined phone number (either Polish or foreign).

Withdrawals from all ATMs in Poland

Package "Withdrawals from all ATMs in Poland" is available for the Millennium Maestro PayPass cards issued to Internet Account and the Millennium MasterCard prepaid cards prepaid. 

Customers who applied for a package enjoy free withdrawals from all ATMs in Poland. The fee for ATM Package "Withdrawals from all ATMs in Poland" (4,99 PLN) is charged for current calendar month. The fee is not charged for the calendar month in which the Package was activated for the first time. For further activation fee is charged for the month in which the Package is activated.