Płatności zbliżeniowe

Pay with your Contactless card easily and fast for shopping - it's really simple! Make small payments without the need to confirm the transaction with your PIN or signature –  simply tap the card to the terminal.
  • How does contactless payments work?

    • the amount to be paid is displayed on the reader,
    • put your card close to the reader,
    • you will hear a beep and four green LEDs will light up to inform you that the payment has been accepted,
    • transactions up to PLN 50 can be made without the need to enter Your PIN code, however above the amount of PLN 50 You will be asked to enter it at the payment terminal,
    • even if you put the card to the reader several times, the payment will be made only once.

  • Where can I use contactless payments?

    Points accepting contactless payments are marked with contactless symbol. Contactless card also works as an ordinary payments card in every point of sale or ATM. 

    Remember that contactless transactions can be made regardless of the transaction amount. If you pay up to PLN 50 the transaction can be made without entering your PIN code - above that amount PIN code will be required to authorize the transaction. More information about contactless payments is available at  www.visa.pl  or  www.mastercard.pl website.

  • Convenience and security of contactless payments

    • you do not have to look for an ATM or carry small change,
    • you do not have to give the card to the retailer, you always have it in your hand,
    • if you lose the card, you can block it immediately and it will not work,
    • you can use contactless card at all retailers who accept Visa/MasterCard cards worldwide because the card also has a chip and a magnetic stripe.

  • Can contactless payments be deactivated?

    If you have a contactless card from Bank Millennium, then at any time and without additional costs you can deactivate or activate the contactless payments function. You can do this:

    1. By logging on to: www.bankmillennium.pl and choosing Card details > Security settings.
    2. On the phone with a Prestige Line consultant (801 12 7000)
    3. In contact with a Prestige Advisor.

    Payments with a contactless card, which has the contactless payments function deactivated, will require confirmation with a PIN or a signature.