The Millennium customer has access to a range of modern and convenient ways of making money transfers.

Transfers in Millennium can be done:

Millenet saves time and money and provides 7/24 full control over your finances via the Internet.

  • in each of the almost 450 branches in Poland

If you prefer traditional banking service or want to visit us once in a while, then visit a Millennium branch anywhere in Poland.

Our Consultants will provide you with 7/24 information and will carry out your instructions.

  • in multifunctional Millennium ATMs

In multifunctional ATMs of our bank you can make transfers to your receptions accounts > Bill payments

ELIXIR session

Interbank domestic transfers are performed by the National Clearing Chamber with ELIXIR system.

Sessions in this system take place at the following times:

  • 10:30-11:00 - transfer instruction may be placed by 8:10, incoming instruction is booked for 12:00
  • 14:30-15:00 - transfer instruction may be placed by 12:10, incoming instruction is booked for 15:30
  • 17:00-17:30 - transfer instruction may be placed by 14:30, incoming instruction is booked for 17:15

Closing hours

Instant transfers

Instant transfers service lets you tranfer funds to other banks within just a few seconds. Transfers are processed in real time with full security of the transaction.

The service is available to each private and microbusiness customer who:

  • has active access to the Millenet transactional system,
  • has a current account in PLN, from which the transfers can be made,
  • has sufficient money on the account to make the transfer.


To make a transfer:

1. Log on to Millenet

2. From the menu on the left select the option: Transfers > Instant.

3. Fill-in the transfer form.

When filling-in the form you can use the list of defined domestic beneficiaries.

NOTE! An instant transfer may be made only to banks, which participate in the Express Elixir instant transfers system. Check the Express ELIXIR website to see, which banks are already available in the system.

4. Confirm the transfer

Customer segment Transfer fee Daily limit
Individual 5 PLN 10 000 PLN
Prestige 5 PLN 10 000 PLN
Private Banking 0 PLN 50 000 PLN
Biznes 10 PLN 20 000 PLN

The service is provided in the Express ELIXIR system, delivered by Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa S.A.

Bank Millennium is one of the first banks on the Polish market to offer instant transfers to its Customers!

Instant transfers you can make to those banks who signed the agreement with KIR and are members of Express ELIXIR system.

To check the list of participating banks and their availability hours go to the Express ELIXIR web site.


  • Speed – the transfer reaches the beneficiary within a few dozen seconds.
  • Availability – the service is also available on holidays, when interbank ELIXIR clearing is not done (traditional domestic Elixir transfers).
  • Direct transfers – the money is transferred directly to the beneficiary's account, without participation of intermediary entities or accounts.
  • Ease of use – make transfers conveniently through Millenet.
  • Fixed fee – the fee is independent of the transfer amount.


  • Can anyone make an instant transfer?

    Instant transfers are available to Individual and Biznes Customers, who have active access to the Millenet transactional system and have a current account in PLN, from which they can make transfers.

  • Do I need to pay for an instant transfer?

    Yes, this service is available for a price. The fee for a single transfer is as follows:

    • Individual/Prestige Customers – PLN 5
    • Private Banking Customers – PLN 0
    • Biznes Customers – PLN 10

    The fee is fixed and does not depend on the transfer amount.

  • Can instant transfers be made at any time?

    In Bank Millennium instant transfers can be made on a 24/7 basis. Whether a transfer can be made to a specific bank depends on service availability as well as the hours of accepting such transfers.

    Check the Express ELIXIR website to see, which banks are already available in the system.

  • Can instant transfers be made from any account?

    An instant transfer can be made only from an account kept in PLN, which is available through the Millenet system.

  • Is there a limit on the daily amount of instant transfers?

    Yes, there are daily limits on instant transfers:

    • Individual/Prestige Customers – PLN 10,000
    • Private Banking Customers – PLN 50,000
    • Biznes Customers – PLN 20,000

    The utilised part of the daily limit for instant transfers is taken into account in the overall utilised amount of the daily limit for all transactions in Millenet (this can be changed in Millenet under the bookmark Profile/Security settings).

  • Can an instant transfer be sent to any bank?

    Bank Millennium is one of the first banks to join the system of instant transfers. The list of banks, to which instant transfers can be made, is available on the website Express ELIXIR – their number will gradually grow.

Single Euro Payment Area SEPA

SEPA -Single Euro Payments Area where Customers and developers can make and receive cross-border payments in Euro. Sepa guaranties possibility of making and receiving payments from domestic country to another country in SEPA area using common standards-base on the same rules, law and duties-don't matter on the making operation place.

Transfer to email and mobile

Transfers to email and mobile phone are a new service for Millenet users, which helps to send a transfer without the need to provide the full account number.

Facing Customers' needs Bank Millennium introduced an improvement, which permits sending transfers without the need to write the entire long account number.

The new service "Transfer to email/mobile" is a simple, secure and innovative method of sending money. The service provides the possibility of conveniently making domestic transfers in PLN, using only the email address or mobile phone number. 

The service will come in handy whenever it is necessary to send a small amount and you do not have the long and hard to remember account number of the Recipient.

The transfer will be sent and received in a secure way by using the Millenet transactional system or the Mobile Application.

The transfer process is very simple and the recipient does not need to have an account in our Bank. He will enter the number of his account after logging in to Millenet, using the temporary Millecode and Password received from the sender. 

Following transaction limits were introduced for this service in order to increase security:

PLN 500 – maximum amount of single transfer.

Transfer to email/mobile are included under the main Daily Limit in Millenet.
Transfer fees are in accordance with the valid Price List of Bank Millennium.


  • Ease of use – send transfers conveniently in Millenet or the Mobile Application without the need to remember the full account number of the recipient,
  • Security – transfers are sent and received through the transactional system, with observance of the most stringent security standards,
  • Fixed fee – the fee is independent of the transfer amount.
How to use?

The service is available to every Individual Customer, who meets the following requirements:

  • has active access to the Millenet transactional system,
  • has an active SMSP@sswords service,
  • has a current account in PLN, from which the transfers can be made,
  • has sufficient money on the account to make the transfer.

A few simple steps are necessary to send the transfer.

Sending the transfer

1. Login to Millenet.
2. From the menu select the option:Transfers > email/mobile.
3. Fill-in the transfer form, entering the required data:

  • Source account – choose an account in PLN and with the balance higher than PLN 0,
  • email/mobile transfer – choose how you want to send the transfer,
  • email address, phone number – depending on which sending option you chose, enter the e-mail address or phone number in the format indicated by the system. 
  • For security reasons after entering the data check if the e-mail address or phone number is correct,
  • Recipient's name – write the data of the transfer recipient e.g. name and surname or company name,
  • Transfer description – describe the transfer to allow easy identification,
  • Amount – write the transfer amount, not higher than PLN 200

4. Confirm the transfer.

After confirming the transfer following information will be displayed on the confirmation screen:
Password – unique Password, which is required to log in to the Millenet system for the recipient to provide the number of the account, to which he wants the transfer to be sent.
Give this password to the transfer recipient exercising due care. We suggest that the password be provided orally e.g. during a phone call or meeting, by SMS or e-mail.

Transfer valid till - to receive the transfer, recipient should log in to the Millenet Internet Banking System at entering the Millekod received from the Bank and the Password you provided and enter the account number before the deadline. The transfer waiting time is 24 hours from the moment it was sent.

The transfer will be shown on the list of Pending transfers in Millenet. The transfer amount will be blocked on your account until acceptance by the recipient or until transfer expiry time.

Transfer receipt

If you received an e-mail or phone number transfer, follow the instructions below

1. Visit the Bank Millennium website
2. Log in to Millenet

Use the Millekod, which you received in an e-mail or SMS from the Bank and confirming it by selecting the option: INDIVIDUALS/BIZNES
On the next screen enter the Password, which you received directly from the sender of the transfer and then confirm the data with the button Login

3. Fill in the transfer form

After logging in to Millenet, the only thing you have to do is to fill the number of your local bank account (in NRB format) to which you want to get the transfer. After writing the number go to the confirmation screen.

4. Confirm the transfer

On the summary screen check carefully if all the data, especially your account number, are correct and then accept the transfer with the Accept button. The transfer will be processed according to Bank Millennium rules After a successful transaction you can log out from Millenet using the Logout option.