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BlackRock funds available in offer for Prestige Customers:

*The board of directors of BlackRock Global Funds (the “Company”) is giving to notify you that it has decided to terminate the Pacific Equity Fund (the “Fund”). The assets held in the underlying investment portfolio of the Fund (the “Assets”) will be liquidated by the end of the liquidation period, and it is intended to redeem any outstanding shares on 28 June 2021 (the “Effective Date”). Read more

Investing in funds is connected with a risk of loss and the duty to pay relevant fees and charges. Prior to investing, please read carefully the prospectus/Key Information for Investors  as well as descriptions of risk factors contained therein. Prospectus, Key Information for Investors together with Table of Fees are available in Financial Centres as well as Head Offices and web sites of relevant investment funds or other investment fund management bodies.

Funds invested in the product are not covered by the system of guarantees of the Bank Guarantee Fund.