MilleSMS service enables receiving notifications to your mobile phone for operations on your accounts and transactions with your payment cards.

MilleSMS is:

  • Quick and precise information - you can receive MilleSMS notifications before the event (example: before standing order execution, before credit payment, etc.)as well as after event (example: after receiving or executing transfer, after payment card transaction, after cash withdrawing from ATM)
  • Control of your spendings
  • Service tailored for your needs - it is up to you about what transactions and above which amount you will receive MilleSMS notifications
  • Security - wherever you are you can be sure that transaction you ordered will be executed according with your disposal - you will receive automatically MilleSMS
  • Low cost - cost of one MilleSMS is 0,25 PLN for Polish telephone number and 0,30 PLN for foreign telephone number

Activate MilleSMS Package

  • During first month after the initial activation MilleSMS Package is sent free of charge.
  • You will get 20 MilleSMS notifications each month to domestic cell phone numer in fixed, lower price 2,99 PLN monthly.
  • Cheaper in MilleSMS Package - regular price for SMS notifications is 5 PLN monthly.

Remeber about promotion!

During first month after the initial activation MilleSMS are sent free of charge.


How to activate MilleSMS?

MilleSMS activation is performed by:

Step 1. Mobile phone number definition to which the one-time codes will be sent used to confirm operations executed in Millenet.

Step 2. Settings input for SMS services in the MilleSMS section in Millenet. 


You can activate MilleSMS in Millenet by using P@ssword2:

If you already use P@ssword2 in Millenet:

  • Print out P@ssword 2 in Millennium ATM.
  • After logon to Millenet, system will request mobile phone number, to which MilleSMS will be sent.
  • After confirming that number you will receive SMS with SMSp@ssword that should be put on the screen in Millenet.
  • As confirmation of MilleSMS activation, system will request 3 digits from your P@ssword 2.

The process to change/unlock your number used for MilleSMS is similar to activation.
You can remove your number used for MilleSMS in Millenet.