Service of Clients with disabilities

Improvements in access to the Bank’s services for persons with disabilities

We are introducing improvements for persons with disabilities in access to the Bank’s services by providing:

  • A network of branches accessible to persons using wheelchairs;
  • ATMs suitable for persons with vision and movement dysfunction:
    - Persons on wheelchairs can use the numerical keypad instead of function keys located next to the ATM screen. This facilitates operating the ATM when seated.
    - Persons with impaired eyesight can use a special high-contrast display mode as well as voice messages after plugging a pair of earphones to the ATM;
  • Text magnification function – the website has an AA button, which permits the presented text to be magnified to enable visually impaired persons to read it;
  • Agreement signing improvements – blind or visually impaired persons who cannot read can themselves sign an agreement with the Bank in the presence of two branch employees and an additional witness – a person known to the Customer (at his express request). In such cases it is possible for a branch employee to read the agreement aloud; also a Customer who does not write can place a signature in the form of a fingerprint;
  • Web portal adapted to be read by text readers;
  • High standards of service of persons with disabilities – detailed guidelines concerning service of Clients with disabilities applicable to employees of all Millennium branches.