About the account

About the product

To help you save to make your dreams come true, Konto Twój Cel offers:

  • Payments and withdrawals without losing interest,
  • Interest accrual even from 1 gr,
  • Free-of-charge account opening and maintenance,
  • Monthly interest compounding.

Konto Oszczędnościowe Twój Cel offers a number of additional functionalities making savings more enjoyable for you:

  • Option to add a picture of your objective on the account main screen,
  • Calculator to help you calculate how long or how much you need to save to achieve your objective,
  • Text-message notice about achievement of your objective or a specific part of the final amount,
  • Transparent presentation of statistics of all transactions concluded,
  • Option to share information about your objective with friends on Facebook.

Interest Rate

Interest rate p.a. 0,01%

There is no minimum balance to calculate interests.


Our Consultants will provide 7/24 detailed information and will carry out your instructions.

801 331 331
fixed line calls and mobile

Useful informations


Account opening PLN 0
Monthly account fee PLN 0
First withdrawal/transfer in a calendar month PLN 0
Second and every subsequent withdrawal/transfer in a calendar month PLN 7,5

Konto Oszczędnościowe Twój Cel is opened for an indefinite term. You can manage it through your current account, which also provides access to other banking services.

Funds deposited on accounts in the Bank, the total value of which funds does not exceed the equivalent of 100,000 EUR, irrespective of the number of accounts held in the Bank, are protected by Banking Guarantee Fund, in keeping with the Act of 10 June 2016 on Banking Guarantee Fund, system of protection of deposits and compulsory restructuring (Journal of Laws2016.996). Eligible for protection are deposits and receivables of entities indicated in art. 20 of the a/m Act.