You make the rules

Place your bid in our auction and get higher interest rate for your deposit

About the deposit

Lokata Aukcje gives you a chance to gain a deposit with interest rate over average.

  • You decide about term deposit amount.
  • You propose the interest rate which satisfies you.
  • If you proposal will be in winning pool, the Bank will open you a term deposit with interest rate and term deposit proposed by you.

Have you already made Lokata Aukcje?

  • In the Auction 10 June to 13 June the average winning rate was 3.91%!
  • The highest winning bid was posted on 13 June 02:59:24 p.m., for 4.00%! The minimum interest rate was 0.50%.
  • Don’t miss this chance! Place your bid in the next auction and gain interest rate of up to 4.0%! The auction is valid from 17th June 9:00 am to 20th June, 3:00 pm.

Interest rate

  • Lokata Aukcje is a deposit in PLN with a fixed interest rate, open for a period of 15 days.
  • Maximum interest rate: 4.00%
  • Standard interest rate: 0.50%

Money deposited on Lokata Aukcje deposit is guaranteed by BFG in keeping with the Act of 10 June 2016 on the Bank Guarantee Fund, Deposit Guarantee Scheme and Resolution. The guarantee gives 100% protection to money invested in the Bank, with their total value in PLN together with other money invested in the Bank’s products covered by the statutory guarantee scheme not exceeding the equivalent of EUR 100,000. Protection is provided for funds of individuals in keeping with art. 2 point 3) in connection with art. 17 sect. 1 of the above-mentioned Act. The average rate from the day of satisfaction of guarantee condition as announced by the National Bank of Poland shall be used for calculation of the EUR value in PLN.

Lokata Aukcje deposit is available for holders of PLN current accounts, exclusively through Millenet. The deposit is non-renewable. Minimum deposit amount is 500 PLN. Total amount of the bids made in one auction by one Client cannot exceed 500 000 PLN. The interest rate on Lokata Aukcje is fixed. The interest rate for Lokata Aukcje is determined by Client and cannot exceed the maximum interest rate defined for a given auction and communicated through Millenet. Lokata Aukcje will be opened after fulfilment of specific conditions set forth in Rules and Regulations for the online auction of saving term deposits for individuals at Bank Millennium SA/Regulamin aukcji internetowej oszczędnościowych lokat terminowych dla osób fizycznych w Banku Millennium SA, available at and Bank’s outlets – if a given bid is accepted by the Bank into the winning pool.


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