About the insurance

Assistance Impresja is offered to holders of Millennium Visa Impresja and Millennium Mastercard Impresja cards. The insurance suite covers 5 areas:

Car Assistance

Your car battery is dead, you lost the car keys, the fuel tank is empty, your car broke down? Thanks to the insurance in such and other situations e.g. car theft or a traffic accident, you will be able to get assistance. The insurer will i.a. pay for repairing the car on the spot, will arrange and pay for getting the car towed, will bring fuel or provide a replacement car.

Moreover you will get access to a Car Call Centre where you will get information i.a. about how to get fastest to your destination, what to do in case of a car accident and what the weather forecast is for your destination.

Medical Assistance

Thanks to medical assistance you can have peace of mind regarding your health and of your loved ones. In case of sudden illness or an accident the Insurer will arrange and pay for the visit of a doctor, paediatrician, nurse, will arrange transport to and from a hospital, will deliver pharmaceuticals and rehabilitation equipment. In case of hospitalisation the Insurer will i.a. ensure household assistance or support during convalescence. Moreover you will get access to a medical Call Centre as well as “Baby assistance”, where you will get information about open drugstores and health care providers, healthy nutrition principles, preparation for medical procedures.

Home Assistance

In case of malfunctioning locks, lost keys or breakdown of electrical, electronic and computer home appliances you will be able to get specialised technical assistance, which the Insurer provides under Assistance Impresja package. When your home window breaks, your house is flooded, a fire breaks out or another accident happens, you will have access to the help of an electrician, plumber, glazier, heating systems technician, roofer, mason, glazier or HVAC systems technician.

The Insurer arranges the assistance and covers the cost of services of specialists who come to you to provide their assistance, while you need to pay only for the necessary parts or accessories. Moreover if you are planning to renovate or to move, you can get help in setting up devices and transporting your possessions.

Concierge for Women

Concierge insurance, prepared specifically for women, covers i.a. help in arranging the services of a baby sitter, visit in a beauty parlour or fitness gym, as well as organising a professional photo shoot. At the same time Concierge for Women will provide you with information about beauty treatment, alternative medicine as well as methods of active leisure.

Personal Schedule-keeper

Upon your request we will keep track of the schedule of important events and shall inform you about approaching dates, which are important for you. Just call: (+48) 22 205 50 58 and define the most important dates and the way, in which our Consultants are to remind you of them. In the Personal Schedule-keeper we will remind you i.a. of the birthday and nameday dates of your loved ones, of business appointments, visits to a doctor, parents’ school meetings or deadlines for submitting documents to the authorities.

To get specialised technical, car or medical assistance just call the Europ Assistance Alarm Centre: (+48) 22 205 50 58.

From the time of card issue until the end of the first settlement cycle the insurance remains free of charge. In subsequent months the fee will be PLN 4.99 per month and will be charged as described in the Price List.

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