Business development by co-operation with new suppliers is an important corporate area. Make your company known as a reliable partner.

Payment credibility

You start relations with new suppliers who have not yet had the opportunity to experience your corporate credibility. Familiarise yourself with solutions that will enable them to gain certainty of their goods and services being paid for. This will significantly facilitate long-term co-operation and strengthen positive relations with your suppliers.  

Facilitating settlements between trusted partners

If your company has a long history of co-operation with trusted suppliers, you can facilitate your process of settlements by providing your partners with the right to automatically settle their receivables directly from your corporate account – obviously with amounts and dates agreed upon in advance.  

Right products to meet your needs

Import letter of credit

Secure against non-performance or improper performance of the agreement by your counterparty. Confirm your payment capacity.

Reverse factoring

Time for new financial solutions

Bank guarantee

When bidding in a tender, avoid commitment of your funds to payment of an interest free bid-security.

Direct debit

Punctual and dependable execution of regular payments

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