Import letter of credit

We will secure your import purchases

About import letter of credit

You import goods but are not sure if your foreign supplier is reliable? Protect yourself and pay with our import letter of credit. We will pay only after the exporter presents us with documents that meet requirements of the shipment.

  • Let us confirm your ability to pay. Gain new suppliers and better trading conditions
  • Pay after delivery, no advance payment
  • Reduce the risk of untimely delivery and inadequate quality of the goods by indicating the required documents in the letter of credit (insurance, approvals, transport documents and certificates)
  • Use our online platform to conveniently manage the service
  • Easily commission us with further letters of credit within the granted limit, based on the line for trade finance products


  • The basic currencies are PLN, EUR, USD. We may also complete transactions in other currencies as published in our foreign exchange rate table.

  • We receive the documents from your contractor's bank. These can be invoices, transport or insurance documents, certificates, approvals. We verify them against the conditions specified in the letter of credit. If we find any discrepancies, we will inform you and your counterparty's bank.

  • It is specified in the terms of the letter of credit. It can be:

    • payment at sight i.e. usually 2-3 working days after the acceptance of the delivery documents
    • deferred payment i.e. within a specified period after the date of shipment or after the date of invoice
    • or mixed payment i.e. we pay part of the amount of the letter of credit upon presentation, and part on a deferred date.
  • It is a revolving limit within which you can order letters of credit, guarantees, sureties, but you do not have to sign separate agreements or wait for decisions.