Determining due dates is important when co-operating with suppliers. We will assist you in reconciling interest of both parties.

Making purchases in comfort

When negotiating purchasing terms, you do not need to wonder how to extend due dates offered by your suppliers. Precise alignment of cash inflows and outflows will enable you to extend due dates for payments to your customers and shorten the time of your own payables without concern for your company cash flow.

Transaction collateral

Does your company often submit tenders? Do you execute contracts that require your bank to issue guarantee? Or perhaps you trade with foreign suppliers who require contract payments to be secured with letters of credit? We offer you a guarantee line and letters of credit with simple servicing in our Internet banking system. There will be no need to make individual credit approvals. Have us join you early on in your conversations with contractors so that we assist you in negotiating guarantee contents. 

Right products to meet your needs

Reverse factoring

Time for new financial solutions

Import letter of credit

Secure against non-performance or improper performance of the agreement by your counterparty. Confirm your payment capacity.

Bank guarantee

Strengthen your payment capacity towards your counterparty presenting security from a reputable bank.

Import collection

Eliminate the risk of supplier's failure to deliver goods for which your company is obliged to pay.

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