Safeguard your investments against trading, exchange and interest rate risks.

Security in relations with suppliers

Running an investment project such as a new production line, you want to be certain that settlements with suppliers, subcontractors and other parties involved are secure. Regardless of whether your contractors are domestic or foreign companies, we will provide you with solutions to guarantee compensation to your company or no payments to your contractors, should they cause delays or perform unduly.

Predictable financial expenses

If you fund your investment projects in a different currency than your revenues, you probably care for safeguarding against currency risk. We will present you with solutions that respond to this need and will additionally enable a stable level of financial expenses.

Interest rate risk under control

With large investment projects that are planned and financed in the long term, it is crucial to create detailed project assumptions and limit risks that can negatively influence execution. These include interest rate risk that influences the long-term level of financial expenses. We will assist you in safeguarding your company against these risks.

Right products to meet your needs

Bank guarantee

Strengthen your payment capacity towards your counterparty presenting security from a reputable bank.

Custody services

Adjust custody services to meet the needs and specificity of your company.

Cross Currency Interest Rate Swap

Hedge your company against unfavourable future changes of exchange and interest rates.

Interest Rate Swap / Forward Rate Agreement

Hedge your company against the risk of financial result deterioration resulting from unfavourable levels of future market interest rates.

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