We will assist you in making investments to develop your company.

Targeted funding

Determining its strategy, a company can set various directions for operations, be it focus on expansion to new target markets, innovations, increasing product or service value or deciding for replacement investments. Our experts will assist you in selecting financial instruments best matching specific projects that will secure a high internal rate of return on investment together with an increase in corporate value by lowering the weighted average cost of capital.

Financial leverage for company development

Are you interested in making investments with minimum engagement of own funds? Do you seek the flexibility to match financing period to the expected amount of monthly payables? Doing so, would you be interested in maintaining current corporate credit rating? We will design a perfect solution to respond to your needs.

Increasing short-term or mid-term investment potential

Cash-flow shortcomings may come up as an obstacle to short-term and mid-term investments. Our proposed financial solutions will assist your company in solving the problem of cash-flow gaps and gaining funds for planned investments without increasing the value of short-term liabilities in your balance sheet.

Right products to meet your needs

Investment loan

Pursue long-term goals connected with the planned capital expenditure.


Leasing on a partnership basis.


Safety of transactions and secured financial liquidity.

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