Current and special accounts

Integrated solutions for financial management

Current and special accounts

PLN account and currencies

  • get access and possibility to manage your account via online, mobile and telephone banking
  • make cash deposits and withdrawals with the option of transport and electronic payment to an indicated person in any Bank Millennium branch
  • maintain the account both in PLN and other, also less popular currencies

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Payroll account

  • provide confidential information about the amount of remuneration of employees only to selected people
  • gain full protection of your salary data
  • effectively manage the balance of your payroll account

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VAT account

  • keep the account for free
  • make and receive transfers for invoices thanks to split payment

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Escrow accounts

Residential escrow account

  • gain an individual approach to your needs
  • get quick analysis of your application and disbursement of funds
  • get access to electronic reports

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Escrow account

  • improve the commercial and financial credibility of transactions, especially for new business relationships
  • match agreement terms to the type of transaction
  • securely settle transactions

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Cash pool and deposits

Cash pool and consolidation

  • optimize group cash flow
  • manage group finances
  • reduce costs and maximise interest income within the group

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  • effectively manage spare money in PLN and other currencies
  • have an impact on setting the terms of the deposit
  • conveniently terminate a deposit at any time

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System of Individual Deposits (SID)

  • quickly, easily and automatically register received deposits
  • check who made the deposit
  • save time and effort, because we calculate interest
  • get online access to your deposits in the mobile app

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