Solutions for entrepreneurs during and after the pandemic

Check how we support companies in this difficult time

Sign documents online

Sign documents online

At Bank Millennium, you can remotely transfer and sign documents. Electronic document flow through Millenet for Companies allows for the transfer and receipt of digital documents and the conclusion of contracts using a qualified certificate e-signature. Thanks to this, we can significantly reduce the time related to the circulation of documents when signing the contract.

This solution is available to all institutional clients and companies with an annual turnover of more than PLN 5 million.

In reference to epidemiological situation in Poland we would like to remind you:

  • Try to limit visits at Bank branches and bank safely from the comfort of your home, using mobile app and online banking system
  • If you can – do your shopping as well as payments online
  • In traditional stores use contactless payments with card or phone
  • Only if you need cash, use an ATM. For the majority of our accounts cash withdrawals in Poland from any ATM are free of charge
  • Please beware of scammers sending false SMS messages claiming your funds are blocked and stick to these basic security rules >

Currently, the waiting time for the consultant and the answer to questions sent via e-mail may be slightly longer. We ask for your understanding in this difficult time. We assure you that we do everything to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.

You can do so much without leaving your home

Remember that in Millenet for Companies you can safely and remotely:
  • add access to Millenet to new employees and extend access for existing users, including granting authorization to authorize transactions,
  • activate the mobile app which gives a convenient, fast and secure access to company bank accounts (learn more about mobile banking for companies),
  • make all types of payments,
  • payment cards service, including changing limits or ordering new cards,
  • opening additional accounts in various currencies,
  • order convoys handling cash transport,
  • send documents regarding loans granted and factoring,
  • carrying out factoring transactions,
  • manage letters of credit, bank guarantees and counter-guarantees at every stage of implementation - from order entry to closing of the transaction,
  • conclude transactions on the currency market,
  • obtain support through the online help system.

Remember, that thanks to the Millenet LINK service we offer the possibility of direct integration of your company's financial and accounting system with our online banking system Millenet for Companies (learn more about the Millenet LINK service).

Suspension of instalment repayment

If your company was in good financial condition and is currently experiencing temporary problems caused by the pandemic, then you have the opportunity to apply for suspension of loan instalments taking into account the following rules:

  1. small and medium enterprises* using instalment credit products have two options:
    • suspension of repayment of principal and interest instalments up to 3 months
    • suspension of repayment only for capital instalments up to 6 months

  2. large enterprises using instalment credit products have the option of suspending the repayment only for principal instalments up to 6 months
  3. for factoring products, regardless of the size of the enterprise, it is possible to extend to 180 days:
    • the period of tolerated delay (incomplete factoring or Mille-Link factoring)
    • the repayment date of the unpaid debt due to the debt financed under reverse factoring

The above principles constitute a uniform approach of the Polish banking sector developed within the Polish Bank Association on the basis of the guidelines of the European Banking Authority (EBA). Statement of the Polish Bank Association (in Polish).

Clients who already use a suspension of repayment in credit or factoring products have the option to adapt the conditions of repayment suspension to the principles described above. For Clients who have used the suspension of both principal instalments and interest instalments, and currently would like to extend the suspension period only for the repayment of principal instalments for a period of more than 3 months, repayment of interest due according to the previous schedule will be required after signing the annex introducing the new repayment schedule.

If you want to benefit from the solutions described above, you should submit an application. The Bank will not charge a fee for signing the annex to the agreement. To arrange the details, please contact the Bank Advisor.

Information about the possibility of suspending leasing instalments can be found on the Millennium Leasing website (in Polish).

* Small and medium enterprises are considered to be companies that in each of the last two financial years achieved annual net revenues from the sale of goods, products and services and from financial operations not exceeding the PLN equivalent of 50 EUR million (the PLN equivalent is calculated according to the average NBP exchange rate as at the date of preparation of the report on individual financial years).

If your credit maturity is within the next 3 months, it can be renewed for the next 3 months in a quick and simplified mode. The solution is available for companies that handled the loan in a timely manner before the pandemic broke out.

BGK guarantees

For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) we offer a program using BGK guarantees under new, more favorable conditions, introduced to reduce the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • increase the guarantee range to 80% of the loan amount, for new guarantees and in the event of renewal or increase of the loan amount,
  • no commission for granting the guarantee,
  • extension of the maximum guarantee period to 39 months for a working capital credit.

During the pandemic, the Bank maintains for you access to all service channels and possibility of cooperation regarding all products and services

To limit the spread of the virus, most of our employees work remotely from home, but ensure full availability and willingness to support your business. Bank Advisors are at your disposal - they are the first line of contact in all matters related to ongoing banking services, as well as Consultants, Specialists in specific product areas and currency dealers. Technical support for electronic banking channels is available unchanged on business days from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. under the number: 801 632 632.

Most of the Bank Millennium branches will be open

Due to the current recommendations of the Minister of Health, some branches may function differently than usual. Before your visit, make sure that the branch you want to go to is open. Details can be found on our website >

If you don’t feel completely healthy, you have a cough, sore throat, fever or other symptoms, we advise you to skip the visit in the branch and to get in contact with a doctor.

Keep in mind that most operations and payments can be done safely from home in Millenet or the mobile app.

In case if you will go to a Branch, remember about a few safety rules:
  • In the coming days, due to a special protection against illnesses, a fewer number of Clients may stay at the branch. Our employees will ensure to control the situation in this respect.
  • Please keep a safe distance during your visit, as recommended at least 2 meters from other people.
  • Withdraw cash from an ATM by card or BLIK, or the notice of withdrawl please submit to a teller. For your safety we clean devices located in our branches on a daily basis. We use both specialized cleaning agents for electronic equipment as well as disinfectants for the keypads.

In addition, we ensure that your money is secure. You can find more information about this topic on the Bank Guarantee Fund website. Keep in mind that for the majority of our accounts, cash withdrawals from any ATM are free of charge.