Mobile Application for Companies

Now available for downloading: convenient, fast and secure mobile application from Bank Millennium for electronic banking. The service provides instant access to business bank accounts. Now you can check the account balance, make transfers and authorise transactions wherever you are and whenever you want.

The mobile application for institutional customers is available to companies, which have access to the Millenet for Companies system. The application is available for downloading and can be installed on mobile devices powered by Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10.

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Mobile application is available to any Bank customer that: is a Biznes or Companies institutional customer, has active access to Millenet for Companies, has defined SMS contact number, owns a supported mobile device that can connect to Internet.

  • Android

    In order to install the application on your mobile do the following:

    • open Google Play Store on your device,
    • search for the application by its name: Bank Millennium Companies,
    • tap "FREE" and then "OK",
    • the application will be downloaded and installed on your device.

    You can also scan the QR code with your mobile or use the following direct link to Google Play: Bank Millennium Companies Android application.

  • iOS

    The Millennium app can be downloaded directly to the handset from AppStore or to a computer, with use of iTunes. In either case you must be registered at iTunes Store.



    • Open AppStore.
    • Search for the application by its name: Bank Millennium Companies,
    • Tap "FREE" and then "INSTALL",
    • The application will be installed on your device.


    • open iTunes on your computer,
    • select the iTunes Store option from the menu,
    • search for the app by its name: Bank Millennium Companies,
    • click the "Free App" button and download the application,
    • connect your mobile to the computer and synchronize it with iTunes.

    You can also scan the QR code with your mobile.

  • BlackBerry 10

    Download Bank Millennium app directly to your device from BlackBerry App World store. To download the app you must long on through BlackBerry ID.


    BlackBerry App World

    • Open the BlackBerry App World store,
    • Use search engine to find: "Millennium Companies",
    • Press the "Download" button; the app will be installed in your device.

    BlackBerry App World Webstore

    • Open BlackBerry App World with your web browser on your computer,
    • Log on using BlackBerry ID and go to the bookmark Apps&Media / Apps.
    • In the search field write: "Millennium Companies",
    • Press the "Download" button; the app will be installed in your device.

    You can also scan the QR code using your device or use the following link: Bank Millennium BlackBerry 10 application for companies. .


  • Service activation

    If you want to use Bank Millennium mobile application you have to start with activating the service in Millenet for Companies. In order to do that:

    1. Log in to Millenet for Companies

    2. Select the option: Mobile Banking -> Activation/Settings from the left-hand side menu.

    3. Define your Mobile Password, which you will use for activating the mobile application and for confirming transactions ordered via the app and define the list of products, which are to be shown in the application.

    The Mobile Banking channel is active now. Download the application and install it on your phone or another supported device.

  • Application activation

    Application is activated during its first launch. If you don't have the application on your mobile yet, download it and install.

    To activate the app you will need:

    • Mobile Password defined in Millenet for Companies (Service activation),
    • Active SMSP@ssword service (How to activate SMSP@sswords).

    Activate the app in 3 easy steps:

    1. Define PIN code

    Define and confirm 4-digit PIN code that will protect access to the application.

    2. Customer identification

    Give your Millekod, name of Millenet for Companies user and generate the SMS code.

    3. Confirm activation with an SMS code

    Enter the SMS code you received and confirm it with selected digits of the Mobile Password.

Functionality of Application for Companies

  • Accounts

    • Viewing a list of current accounts, term deposits and credit cards,
    • Possibility of defining lists of accounts, cards and deposits shown in the application (to the extent permitted by rights granted in Millenet for Companies), checking balances of the accounts,
    • Viewing history and details of transactions on accounts,
    • Filtering transactions on accounts by transaction type and date, beneficiary name and transfer description,
    • Viewing transactions pending on credit cards,
    • Viewing a list and details of payments blocked on accounts (not cleared car transactions, funds held for Electronic Cash Withdrawal etc.),

  • Payments

    • Viewing lists and details of upcoming payments,
    • Viewing, authorising and sending orders placed by other users (regardless of order type) and ordered directly by the user in the application (internal and domestic orders),
    • Checking current status and details of authorised orders,
    • Authorising transactions in keeping with the rights list defined in Millenet for Companies,
    • Making transfers between own accounts,
    • Making domestic transfers (also to beneficiaries defined in Millenet),
    • Authorising order folders,
    • Authorising multiple (selected) orders at the same time,

  • Other

    • Support for multiple companies (separate user profiles) by one application,
    • Viewing the list of beneficiaries, as defined in Millenet for Companies,
    • Seeking beneficiaries by name or description,
    • Possibility of viewing and prematurely terminating deposits shown in Millenet for Companies,
    • Possibility of downloading combined statements for accounts shown in Millenet for Companies (PDF file),
    • Checking current FX rates for cash and non-cash transactions,
    • Finding Millennium cash machines and branches.

Millennium Forex Trader

Convert currencies in your phone at a perfect timing. Try our Millennium Forex Trader in the mobile application for companies.


  • Our mobile application is a safe way to access banking products and services

    • Access to the application is protected with a personal 4-digit PIN code,
    • After 3 failed attempts the PIN code is blocked (PUK code is needed to reset the PIN code; PUK code can be obtained from Millenet), which protects you against attempts to break it,
    • Your account's data are not stored in device's memory which improves its security in case of loss of a device,
    • Mobile application is safe from phishing attacks in which bank's fake website is presented to user in order to obtain login credentials,
    • Domestic transfers and mobile top-ups performed via the application must be confirmed with the Mobile Password which can be defined and changed only in Millenet. If the beneficiary is defined as trusted (you can define it in Millenet) there is no confirmation with Mobile Password,
    • After 3 failed attempts the Mobile Passwords is blocked and can be reset only in Millenet,
    • The application automatically locks after a few minutes of being idle. Idle time is set by user. To unlock the application again user has to enter the PIN code,
    • Communication between the application and the Bank is encrypted,
    • The amount of transactions ordered via the mobile application is capped by following daily limits:
      PLN 10,000 (the limit applies to domestic transfers authorised single-handedly with a Mobile Password),
      PLN 150,000 (the limit applies to domestic transfers authorised single-handedly with an SMS Password).

  • Security rules

    • Do not disclose your application PIN code or Mobile Password to anybody, protect your PIN code while entering it to mobile application,
    • Do not store your PIN code or Mobile Password anywhere in your device,
    • Make sure that your PIN code is not easy to guess. Avoid simple combinations e.g. same digits (1111) or sequences (1234, 2580),
    • Lock your device with PIN code. Your application PIN code should be different from the PIN code that you use for the device,
    • Remember, the bank does not ask you to provide full Mobile Password,
    • Your Mobile Password should be different from your P@ssword1 and should be difficult to guess,
    • If you lose a device with the application installed, deactivate that device on Millenet. In case you do not have access to internet, call TeleMillennium and request blocking the Mobile Banking channel,
    • If you use an Apple device, make sure that when you synchronize it with iTunes the option „Encrypt your iPhone/iPad/iPod" is active and the password is set,
    • Take care of your device's security using latest antivirus software and firewall and updating operating system,
    • Do not install any applications from unknown sources – applications should be downloaded only from official mobile applications stores (e.g. Google Play, App Store, Windows Store),
    • Avoid opening MMS messages and e-mail attachments from unknown senders,
    • Do not use mobile application using connection with public Wi-Fi networks,
    • Avoid giving access to your device to other people, do not leave it unattended in places where someone else is able to access your device,
    • If you are selling or giving away your mobile device to someone, remember to deactivate the application on this device before,
    • Do not perform rooting (Android) or jailbreaking (iOS) of devices on which you want to use mobile application. As it allows you to install applications from unauthorized sources, it increases the probability of infecting your device with harmful software,
    • Switch off Bluetooth when you do not use it.

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