You feel confident in your area and this is why you decided to set up your own business. However, you are not cut out for efficient management of business finances. This is why you seek all possible ways to make things easier in this respect ― it will help you focus on what you are best at.


Running a business requires cooperation with many companies, including foreign ones. You pay some of them; some other pay you for your products or services. It is thus essential to have a tool which permits efficient processing of outgoing and incoming business payments.

Cash services

If your Customers pay in cash, you certainly want the money to reach your bank quickly and safely. During the day you are preoccupied with your business and can hardly find the time for long visits in bank branches. Would you like to deposit cash also after hours? Or, best of all, to have someone collect the money from your office and deliver it safely to the bank, also bringing cash to your office if necessary? We have the solutions.

Processing of incoming mass payments

You have a large customer base and get frequent payments from them, so probably you would like to have the possibility to check at any time who has paid and how much, and also who is late with their payment. Without the need to handle a stack of paper documents each time? We can help.

Products proposed for your need

Mój Biznes account

If convenient internet service and low fees are important to you.

Biznes account

It allows payments to be received and made efficiently. The account is designed for self-employed persons and other businesses.

Foreign currency account

This is the perfect solution if you do business with foreign companies and settle accounts with them in foreign currencies.

VAT account

If you make your settlements in the split payment mechanism.

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