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Wniosek o subwencję w ramach Tarczy Finansowej PFR złożysz w bankowości elektronicznej Banku Millennium.


Dziś po godz. 18 mikro, małe i średnie firmy, które ucierpiały na skutek pandemii koronawirusa, mogą składać w serwisie bankowości internetowej Banku Millennium wnioski o wsparcie finansowe w ramach Tarczy Finansowej Polskiego Funduszu Rozwoju. Bank udostępnił swoim klientom wygodne i przyjazne rozwiązanie, dzięki któremu złożenie wniosku jest maksymalnie proste i intuicyjne. Decyzja PFR w sprawie udzielenia wsparcia również zostanie przekazana w serwisie internetowym banku

Bank Millennium Foundation is supporting home financial education of children

Where does money come from, what is its value, why does it make sense to save and why can’t you have all the toys in the world? This is what children will find out from animations prepared specially for them about the adventures of Sebastian, the main character in the “Financial ABCs” educational programme, already available on YouTube. The author of the cycle is Bank Millennium Foundation, which wants to support parents in home tuition of kindergarten kids during the epidemic.

Support from Bank Millennium for businesses - cooperation with BGK in guarantee programmes evolves


In order to support businesses in maintaining current liquidity, Bank Millennium signed an agreement with BGK, under which medium and large companies will be able to get support in the form of guarantees from Liquidity Guarantees Fund. Meanwhile SMEs are getting de minimis guarantees from the bank, under better terms than previously, in the assistance pack for small and medium businesses.

Bank Millennium is a technologically responsible company

Bank Millennium scored first two times in this year’s TOP CDR Technologically Responsible Company competition. The awards were given for the “Banking without barriers” project in following categories: Digitalisation and Public Choice Award.

Initiating payments from accounts in other banks in Bank Millennium’s electronic banking

Bank Millennium is the first bank in Poland to launch a service where the bank’s customers can use the Millenet Internet system to send transfers from their accounts in other banks. This is another solution released by the bank on the basis of opportunities created by PSD2. Earlier, Bank Millennium, as one of the first banks in Poland began giving customers the opportunity to add accounts from various banks to their e-banking.

Millennium Foundation supported the first Polish coronavirus tests

The Bank Millennium Foundation joined the fight against coronavirus and donated PLN 500,000 to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań, which developed the first Polish tests for COVID-19. Tests are soon entering mass production, and the Institute is conducting further research and development work on new generation tests. The decision to transfer funds to the Institute was taken by the bank's employees in an internal vote and is a reaction to the information that circulated in the media at the beginning of April this year, about the achievement of Polish scientists from the PAS Viral Support Group.

Internet users on use of promotional newsletters – results of „Shopping 2020” survey

According to the "Shopping 2020" survey, when looking for promotional offers, Polish Internet users most often reach for the newsletters published by shops and supermarkets (64% of indications among respondents who declared interest in promotions). The electronic format of promotional newsletters available on the goodie shopping platform allows you to plan your purchases conveniently and safely without leaving home. Making shopping lists is particularly important given the developing epidemic, when we want to minimize the time spent in brick-and-mortar stores to protect our health and that of the others. In March this year, the newsletters in goodie were opened almost 800 000 times (the number has doubled since October 2019). Users of the newsletters in goodie look them up on average 11 times per month.

Actions of Bank Millennium recognised in the “Responsible Business in Poland 2019” report

Initiatives of Bank Millennium targeted at customers, employees, local communities and environment were described in the “Responsible Business in Poland 2019” report published by Responsible Business Forum.

Poles about the future of online banking – comments to survey results

Mariusz Gromada, Director of Customer Intelligence Department in Bank Millennium
Poles very willingly use Internet banking. An IBRIS survey made for Bank Millennium shows that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to greater interest in such services. More than 15% of persons polled said that since the hazard appeared they have been using digital access to the bank only, or more often, or used it for the first time. The increased percentage of declarations at 26% applied mainly to the 40-49 age group as well as medium-sized towns and cities with a population of 50,000-500,000, where its value was 22-24%.

Remote signing of agreements in Bank Millennium’s corporate banking

Bank Millennium has launched the possibility for corporate banking customers to sign agreements fully remotely. Digital circulation of documents is based on qualified signature with qualified timestamp and applies to loan agreements and their collaterals, transactional banking, factoring, trade finance and treasury products.