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Bank Millennium will sponsor Millennium Docs Against Gravity for the fifteenth time

The 17th edition of the Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival, with Olga Tokarczuk’s “out of tenderness for the world” as its lead theme, will take place in hybrid form for the first time. Bank Millennium as the naming rights sponsor of the festival together with its organiser Against Gravity faces up to the needs and expectations of the entire culture audience, offering them access to 1,000 documentary films from the entire world in cinemas and in virtual space. As last year, the festival’s programme will include films with audio description. Lying ahead are two months of festival thrills, which we will be able to experience anywhere in Poland.

The new normal in Bank Millennium - lifting COVID-19 restrictions, business revival, record sales of mortgage loans


Results and activity of Bank Millennium Group after Q2 2020

In IH 2020 the Bank Millennium Group earned 72 mln PLN net (54 mln PLN in Q2) i.e. less by 79% than in similar period of the previous year. After adjustment for extraordinary developments the net profit totalled 394 mln PLN (204 mln PLN in Q2). June brought about significant revival of business volumes, in particular in retail segment. In Q2 record level of mortgage loan sales was registered (1.5 bn PLN, +10% y/y) and 10% annual growth of deposits. The number of active retail clients exceeded 2.62 mln (+45.6 thous. in IH of the year), and the number of microbusiness clients exceeded 100 thous.

Bezzwrotna dotacja w kredycie na innowacje technologiczne z ułatwieniami dla przedsiębiorców


Trwa kolejny nabór wniosków o dofinansowanie unijne do kredytu na innowacje technologiczne. W tej edycji wprowadzono ułatwienia dla przedsiębiorców. Anulowano ograniczenie maksymalnej wysokości bezzwrotnej premii technologicznej, łatwiej jest również spełnić wymóg innowacyjności projektu. Obecny konkurs został podzielony na siedem rund, ostatnia trwa aż do 30 grudnia 2020 r. Projekt jest realizowany przez BGK, z udziałem Banku Millennium.

Financial education is good protection for times of crisis - results of opinion survey


Financial education started already at kindergarten age makes coping with later crisis situations easier - so say most parents taking part in a survey carried out by GfK for Bank Millennium Foundation. The full survey report will be published by Bank Millennium Foundation this September.

New commercial of Bank Millennium’s mobile app


On July 17, a new television commercial from Bank Millennium will go on air - Radek Kotarski talks there about functionalities of the bank mobile app offering clients the freedom of mobility.

Another bank available in Bank Millennium’s electronic banking


Bank Millennium adds another bank in its e-banking. Now customers of Bank Millennium can add accounts from BNP Paribas in the Finanse 360° service.

Smart shopping with the new goodie


The goodie shopping app, downloaded already over 1,7 million times, has been prepared in a completely new release. The intuitive personalised app gives even more possibilities as regards planning daily shopping with promo leaflets, seeking-out the best deals and using loyalty cards. The new version of goodie was released to the first group of users; over the next days it will be released to further ones.

Dobry Start applications and Konto 360° Junior promotion


Bank Millennium has given customers the opportunity to submit new Dobry Start programme applications in the Millenet online banking system. For this occasion the Bank prepared a special promotion. Customers who open a Konto 360° Junior account for their child and submit an application in the programme can get PLN 60 on the goodie eCard.

Agreement between Millennium Leasing and ARP Leasing


On 23 June this year in the offices of Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A. in Warsaw an agreement was signed between the Management Boards of Millennium Leasing and ARP Leasing. In the agreement the cooperation principles and procedure were defined as regards sale of means of transport leased under Lease Contracts signed by Millennium Leasing, in relation to ARP Leasing’s decision to grant refinancing of leasing made under these contracts within the framework of the Crisis Shield for transport sector companies.

Dobry Start applications online from 1 July in Bank Millennium


Dobry Start is a Government programme to support Polish families, in which Bank Millennium has been participating from the very outset. Like a year ago, from 1 July applications for support in the programme will be available in Bank Millennium’s online banking. Applications on paper will be accepted in offices or by mail from 1 August.