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Bank Millennium sponsors Portuguese evening with live Fado music

On Friday, November 4, Lloyd's factory in Bydgoszcz will host a special Portuguese evening with live Fado music, during which renowned artists from Lisbon will perform. This unique music and traditional cuisine are to bring the participants closer to the culture of Portugal. Bank Millennium is the naming rights sponsor of the event.

Bank Millennium is the best digital bank in Newsweek’s Friendly Bank ranking

In this year’s edition of Newsweek’s Friendly Bank ranking Bank Millennium came 1st in the category “Remote Banking” and second in the main category “Bank for Mr. Kowalski”. Bank Millennium proved to be unrivalled in remote banking, winning in all five subcategories, which, as the organisers comment, is a rarity in the history of the ranking. The bank excelled over others both in the quality of remote service and in mobile banking.

Bank Millennium – improvement in cost efficiency, solid increase in sales of cash loans, unprecedent negative net result for Q3 caused by the cost of credit holidays

Consolidated results of the Bank Millennium Capital Group after 3 quarters of 2022.
In Q3 2022 consolidated net result of the Bank Millennium Group amounted to -1,001 mln PLN (-1,264 mln PLN after 3 quarters). The entire loss in Q3 resulted from incorporation, in advance, of costs of credit holidays imposed upon Polish banks in July of the current year. Without the holidays, despite high costs connected with FX mortgage loans and several significant extraordinary items, the Group would book a net profit of 152 mln PLN (743 mln PLN after 3 quarters). This was, at the same time, the second consecutive quarter in which core business results balanced out, with surplus, costs connected with FX mortgage loans.

New advertising of Bank Millennium Cash Loan

On Friday, the broadcast of a promotional television commercial for the Bank Millennium Cash Loan for individual customers begins, with a fixed instalment of 100 PLN for 5,000 PLN borrowed for 70 months and a commission of 0% (APR 12.83%).

“Promocja na start” – a new special offer of a cash loan at Bank Millennium

Bank Millennium has prepared a new promotional offer of a cash loan for individual customers. "Promocja na start" and "Promocja na start z ubezpieczeniem" represent favourable interest rates and no commission for granting the loan. In addition, customers receive a guarantee of a fixed instalment during the entire loan period and a quick disbursement of the money.

Already 2 million people are actively using the Bank Millennium Mobile Application

Bank Millennium's mobile application beats another record. The Bank can boast that already 2 million customers a month regularly log in and actively use the application.

Bank Millennium sponsors the 28th Bydgoszcz Opera Festival

The 28th Bydgoszcz Opera Festival is taking place from Saturday, October 8. This is the largest event of this type in Poland and a review of the most interesting achievements of renowned musical theatres – domestic and foreign. The festival will last until October 22. Bank Millennium is one of the sponsors of this event.

Take care of the forest! with Bank Millennium and WWF

Today we celebrate the Tree Day in Poland, which aims to contribute to the growth of ecological awareness of people. On this occasion, Bank Millennium announces the extension of its long-term cooperation with WWF and reveals details about its commitment to climate and environmental protection.

Innovations in regions becoming increasingly green – Pomerania, Małopolska and Mazowsze are the leaders

Ecology, care for the environment and the development of innovation occupy more and more space in the development strategies of Voivodships. To see how Polish regions are involved in the green transition, Bank Millennium has developed an eco-innovation index. The leaders of the list are the Pomorskie, Małopolskie and Mazowieckie Voivodships. The report "Millennium Eco-index – the potential of eco-innovation of regions" was created in cooperation with substantive partners: the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and the Warsaw School of Economics.

„Simona” - film dokumentalny z 19. Millennium Docs Against Gravity w kinach w całej Polsce

„Simona”, jeden z wyjątkowych filmów 19. edycji festiwalu Millennium Docs Against Gravity, weszła do kin w całej Polsce. MDAG to największy w Polsce festiwal filmowy, którego misją jest udostępnianie filmów dokumentalnych jak najszerszej publiczności. Bank Millennium jest mecenasem festiwalu już od 17 lat.