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Bank took a decision to change its name to Bank Millennium SA

On November 18 2002 the Supervisory Board of BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A. approved the motion of the Management Board to change the name of BIG Bank GDAŃSKI SA to Bank Millennium S.A.



Bank passed the resolution on the issue of bonds

On 15 October 2002 the Bank passed the resolution on the issue of unsecured bearer bonds. The Bank's intention is to issue not more than 20,000,000 bonds with the nominal value of PLN 100 each and with the total nominal value of not more than PLN 2,000,000,000. The bonds will not bear interest and will be offered for sale at a discount compared to their nominal value. There will not be any non-pecuniary benefits resulting from the bond issue.

Correction of untrue information

Pursuant to Article 81.1.2 of the Law on Public Trading in Securities, BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A. states that on 2002-08-29 it sent to the editors of the Rzeczpospolita daily in Warsaw a correction of untrue and inaccurate information published in the article "Accounting Manoeuvres" ("Rzeczpospolita" No. 201 of 2002-08-29). Given that within seven days of the receipt of the correction, the editors have neither published the correction nor sent an official response to the bank, as required under Article 32.1 of the Press Law, BIG Bank GDAŃSKI would like to make the correction public.

Subscription for a Millokata Inwestycyjna term deposit

Millennium BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A. on 2 September 2002 opened a subscription for a Millokata Inwestycyjna term deposit - an innovative term deposit combining the possibility of generating high profits linked to a capital market (S&P 500 index) and guaranteed interest rate characteristic for bank deposits.