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Information about the Bank's operations in 2002

The Management Board of Bank Millennium S.A. (the former BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A.) ("the Bank") hereby announces that in the financial year of 2002 (from 1 January to 31 December 2002), the consolidated net profit of the Bank Millennium Capital Group ("the Group") reached PLN 183.9 million. In the same period, the net profit of Bank Millennium S.A. reached PLN 183.9 million as well.

Bank Millennium SA sales the third bond series

Bank Millennium SA started the sale of the third series of its bonds. From 13 January to 2003 to 7 February 2003, the Bank will offer A3 series bonds of the nominal value of PLN 100 and total nominal worth of PLN 310 million.

Higher rating for Bank Millennium SA

The Management Board of Bank Millennium S.A. ("the Bank") announces that on January 15, 2003 it received a statement from Moody's Investors Service Ltd. rating agency informing about an upgraded long deposit rating of the Bank by 1 grade from Baa1 to A3 (7th position in 21 grade scale) and about an upgraded short-term deposit rating by 1 grade from Prime2 to Prime1 (1st position in 4 grade scale).

BIG Bank GDAŃSKI SA changed its name to Bank Millennium SA

BIG Bank GDAŃSKI SA hereby announces that on 8 January 2003 it received decision of the Warsaw District Court, the 19th Business Section of the National Court Registry, on the registration of the amendment in the Bank's Articles of Association, consisting in the Bank's name change.

Results of subscription for A1-series bonds

The Management Board of BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A. sends information on results of subscription for A1-series bonds of the Bank.

Bank changes its name

Shareholders of BIG Bank GDAŃSKI decided to change the name of the Bank to Bank Millennium SA.

Bank increases the Small Investors tranche of bonds

BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A. increases the Small Investors tranche of A1 series of its bonds