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General Shareholders Meeting

On 22 October 2001, the General Meeting of Shareholders of BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A. was held in Warsaw. The purpose of the General Meeting, in which shareholders representing 208.571.171 shares (49% of the share capital of the Bank) participated, was to take decisions concerning provision of additional capital for the Bank.

Strenghtening capital base

After BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A. shareholding structure has stabilized and after the merger of BBG S.A. with BIG BANK S.A., the process of the active adaptation of the merged Bank to clients' expectations and challenges posed by a competitive financial services market has started. The process, within a framework of several programs, planned for the years 2001-2002, firs of all, has resulted in a new, more precise client segmentation. Its key element is the separation of specialized business lines offering their services to difference client segments through their own sales networks.

Moody's rating

BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A. would like to let you know that on 30 August 2001 it received an announcement of the rating agency Moody's Investor Service, in which it confirmed its long- and short-term deposit rating for the Bank at the level of Baa3 (the tenth grade in a 21-grade scale) and P-3 (the third grade in a four-grade scale), respectively. The Agency also informed us on the reduction of the financial capacity rating from D+ to D (the tenth grade in a 13-grade scale).

New website of Dom Maklerski BIG-BG SA

On 16 August 2001, Dom Maklerski BIG-BG S.A. launched a professional www service Through the service it is possible to have an access to both a broad capital market information database and to brokerage services offered by that brokerage house, which is one of the leading brokerage house in Poland.

Cooperation with PZU SA and PZU Życie SA

BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A., PZU S.A. [Insurance Company] and PZU Życie S.A. [Life Insurance Company] started collaboration as regards insurance coverage for holders of accounts with BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A.

Exempted from bank fees

BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A. announces that on 1 August 2001 it exempted all payments made in the nationwide network of branches of BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A. and Millennium retail network to accounts maintained for donations to people who suffered from the flood from bank fees and commissions.

Unikonto Premium

Millennium BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A. extended its offer to include Unikonto Premium, a new checking and savings account for high income clients. In addition to an attractive package of services available to account holders, the Bank ensures clients a special level of client service.

Aid for flood victims

BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A. announces that as of 14 July this year it has exempted all payments made to the Social Welfare Centre in Gdańsk's account: BBG S.A. III/o in Gdańsk nr 11601058-47540500 with an annotation "Flood" from bank fees and commissions.

Extending Millekredyt DOM offer

Warsaw, 12.06.2001: Millennium BIG Bank Gdański S.A. is extending its housing loan offer to include new products. The new MilleKredyt DOM is a package of housing loans, the eventual security for which is a mortgage. To the existing offer of loans for the purchase of real properties in the primary or secondary market the Bank added a loan intended for the construction of a dwelling by a cooperative or a developer, the purchase of a real property under construction, individual house construction or completion of house construction, the purchase of land for construction of a house, repayment of another housing loan, as well as a loan for modernization, extension or refurbishment of a house or an apartment. Loans are offered in zlotys, US Dollars, and euros, and are available from the Millennium network and BIG Bank GDAŃSKI branches.

Intermediary in making stock exchange orders

Millennium BIG Bank GDAŃSKI as an intermediary in making stock exchange orders Millennium BIG Bank Gdański S.A. in cooperation with BIG-BG Brokerage House is launching a service which will enable giving instructions on issuing sell or buy securities orders in the Millennium network. The enhancement of the Millennium network product offer by availability of brokerage services is another step towards the implementation of the Bank strategy geared at providing full scope of services to retail clients. The new service will help Bank clients in managing their cash and in investing their savings more effectively.