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In Bank Millennium you will open an account using a selfie


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Bank Millennium has introduced the opportunity to open a personal account remotely with client’s identity confirmation using Personal ID and face photos.

- In the current difficult situation relating to the coronavirus, we have launched a solution, which allows an account to be opened fully remotely, thus finances can be managed without leaving home. The entire process is very simple and secure. Just go to the bank’s website with your phone, you do not need the mobile app. When filling-out the application make some photos of your Personal ID and face; a videochat with a bank employee is not needed – Antonio Pinto, Member of the Management Board, said.

To open an account using a selfie in Bank Millennium just select the option Open account on the bank’s website, and the online option when filling-out the account application. After providing some basic data you will be asked to make a few photos. You need to take shots of both sides of the Personal ID as well as three face shots - front, inclined head and with eyes closed.

You will accept the complete application and agreement with a six-digit code, which you will be texted by the bank. The bank, using biometrics, will check the selfie against the ID face photo. It will verify if the client’s data are correct and within dozen-or-so minutes from submitting the application it will text information on activation of the account together with Millekod, which is needed to activate electronic banking. The client will also receive information with instructions for logging on to the internet system and how to activate the mobile app.

The bank also allows a virtual counterpart of the debit card to be created in the app, before it is actually delivered to the client. It allows clients to pay contactless with the new card using the phone, without waiting for the plastic card to arrive, i.e. practically from the moment of activating the Konto 360° account.

Clients are encouraged by the bank to bank safely, without leaving home. The bank reminds that most banking transactions, not just transfers, payments, setting-up deposits, paying liabilities, but also change of Personal ID number and many others - can be done at home with a computer or phone. Bank Millennium’s mobile app and the Millenet internet system are available 24/7.

Persons, who have difficulty in managing an account remotely, can use the help of an online adviser through screen sharing with a Bank Adviser. Screen sharing allows clients to be supported directly within the Millenet internet system. The system has a special “Online Expert” button, pressing which and after entering a special code you can let the Bank Adviser have a passive view of your Millenet screen and provide you with immediate and accurate support.

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