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Poles succumb to the fever of Black Friday sales


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During the sale on the occasion of Black Friday, Poles reach deeper into their pockets. Bank Millennium's analysis indicates that during this largest shopping feast, both the number of transactions and the amounts we spend in e-shops are growing.

Bank Millennium analysed last year's statistics from the Black Friday period. The idea was to see if customers succumb to the magic of sales and actually make more transactions. The analysis shows that in the period from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, 38% more transactions were completed. Their value was also higher by as much as 55% than the daily average for the whole of 2021.

- Black Friday is a great feast for all those who love to buy, so the results of the analysis seem to confirm the effectiveness of advertising campaigns conducted during this period. However, the scale of the transaction is surprising. In e-shops we will leave fifty per cent more money than usual. This is probably also influenced by the time when Black Friday falls. Christmas is approaching and many people are looking for an opportunity to buy gifts for their loved ones – says Magdalena Jaskóła, head of the Current Accounts Sub-unit at Bank Millennium.

In some places you can save more

E-shops try to attract customers with sales, offering not only price reductions on Black Friday, but extending the period of sale to the whole Black Week. Bank Millennium customers can save more by using the service, thanks to which they can get a refund of part of the money spent on purchases. Since April, people who have a Millennium 360º account have already made over 54,000 transactions as part of refunds for purchases, spending 7 million PLN at the same time. Cashback works in almost 800 well-known online stores.

Bank Millennium Black Friday promotions

Bank Millennium places great emphasis on educating its customers, for whom the service of refunds for purchases may still be a novelty. - We have prepared a promotion and a special offer for people who have a Millennium 360º account and have not yet registered for the refunds programme. The first is the "Bonus na start do usługi Zwroty za zakupy” promotion, a bonus of 20 PLN is paid for the first purchase regardless of its value. The second is a temporary special offer available after registration - 20% refund for the first purchase in one of the most popular online stores (maximum 40 PLN) - says Szymon Kuchciak, head of the Payment Cards Sub-unit at Bank Millennium.

Until January 20, 2023, individual customers can also take advantage of a special promotion of cash loans. As part of the "Promocja na start" offer, the APRC of the loan is 12.83%, for the "Promocja na start z ubezpieczeniem" variant, the APRC is 17.09%. Borrowers receive a guarantee of a fixed instalment during the entire loan period and a quick withdrawal of funds.

More about refunds for purchases and the "Bonus na start do usługi Zwroty za zakupy” promotion: otwiera się w nowym oknie.
Loan details: otwiera się w nowym oknie.